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Character Creation Advice (played anonymously)

I saw Winter's Writing Tips (which I 100% recommend looking at.) so I decided to create a thread for something I've been doing...

Admittedly, the profile isn't yet complete but for a while now i've been compiling resources that have helped me when creating and developing characters.

In no way can anyone ever be a "professional" at things like this; these are things both myself and my friends do when we create characters. If you have another way that you find perfectly comfortable, then fine! That's perfectly okay because it's what you find works for you. These things may not work and it just may take some experimentation. Never be afraid to try new things and new methods.

I need to go through my list and figure a few things out, so for now...

Here is the editor I use for writing (ESPECIALLY characters).
Character Creation Advice (played anonymously)


When I started RPing SERIOUSLY back in 2017, I found it really hard to organise a few things. First, where I kept my characters. I would write documents and forget where they are.
Organising Characters

1. Folders (PC only)

If you're struggling to organise your characters, folders on your computer can be a great way to organise documents and images.

I do have OCD, so I probably have many more folders for one character than needed; but that helps me, whether it helps you or not is for you to decide. This is an easy way to keep documents separate from everything else on your computer, as well as art.

2. Google Docs

Personally, this way doesn't help me at all but after talking with a friend, she said that this method helped her a lot. Creating documents on google docs and naming them appropriately for characters is something she did, where she then created a google doc MASTERLIST containing labelled links to each of her character documents.

2. Android Writing Apps

Top 20 Writing Apps for Android 2020

3. IOS Writing Apps

Top Writing Apps for iPhone and iPad 2020
Thanks for the tips.
Firstly: O.O Wow. I really didn't know my forum post was that popular. Seriously unless someone says something to me, I'm clueless.

Secondly: Organization is a strong and important key. Shall definitely keep this in my activity feed notices, so to see what else you share. ^-^
I'm trying to be more organised than I have been on other sites, but I'm afraid my PC filing system isn't a system but chaos.

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