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They know, that they
dont know your story.
You have a choice to
tell them or not,
a choice to forget
and forgive your past
And starting with a bran new one
This family invites these kids to live
with them, they welcome their home
Malcolm Tilsley (played by milkmellow) Topic Starter

(post your discussion stuff, and character forms here)

name: Malcolm Tilsley
nicknames: colmy, or mal.
age: Twenty-five
gender: Male
eye color: Dark Green
hair color: Dark Brown
sexuality: Hetersexual
personality: .lets just say, hes a soft boi
History: Malcolm grew up in a very rich family, he to was going to foster home, all his 4 years of living. Untill a rich family came in and took him as their own. As he grew older and bigger he became more intimidating, he wouldnt hurt people of course. He would just have this resting b*tch face that made him look scary. But hes not, eventually when he turned 20 he had decided to open up his home for kids all around that needed a forever home, or at least a home. He wanted to provide all that. His daughters, he felt like didnt have much socializing, so he brought other kids in for them to socialize with
likes:[/u] People, kids, laughter, smiling, jokes, bored games,being outside, playing with the kids, being there for his family (including the new kids), reading, writing, art
dislikes: Upset kids, people who are determined to be cruel, ignorance, bullying.
fears: Heights, pain.
quote: families are like branches on a tree.we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one
disabilities: Nope
pets: A goolden doodle, therapy dog, his name is kenny. and hes the sweetest thing
other information: dont let him sleep in in the mornings (lol) he is busy, and there is never a time he is not up to help the kids out, he lets his wife sleep and the kids who are awake he helps them out. Than goes to work, while the wife takes care of them.
Malcolm Tilsley (played by milkmellow) Topic Starter

Rules and info
.thread rules.
1.follow all rpr rules.
2.don't be a jerk ooc. seriously.
3.make drama and be active. dont expect eveyone else to, find ways to create your own drama, get yourself involved, and have fun in the thread. if someone is plotting ooc, don't expect them to magically know you want to be part of that drama. let them know!
4. literally do like 3 or more sentences, no one liners
5. keep things realistic, this is a realistic roleplay after all
6.this will be a rather fast rp (i hope) so please please please be able to post at least once every two days.
7.forms and ooc discussion should be kept on the discussion thread.
8. six characters per person at most.
9.there will be four people in the family, the father, mother, and two sisters
10. who ever doesn't treat the mods or anyone kindly will be automatically revoked

.house rules. .break in case of boredom.
1.Malcolm cooks breakfast and dinner. lunch is the responsibility of the kids.
2.bed times are 8 pm for kids younger than 13, and 10 pm for kids older. curfew is 8 pm. are not to leave the house without informing an adult. they are also not allowed into the woods around the property without asking. children are allowed to drive if they have their license.
4.absolutely no fighting. talk it out, or get an adult. girls in guys rooms, or vica versa. no romantic relationships between foster siblings. are responsible for their own laundry, and for keeping their rooms clean.
7.older children are expected to help the younger ones out.
8. pets are allowed
9. dinner will be at 6, and be there. or you get no screen time

.General stuff.
1. Malcolm will buy the kids, food, give them water, he will take care of them as his own.
Malcolm will also give the teens that are 13 and up their own phones and computers
he will give them an xbox to play in in the basement,
and when he says its family time in the big living room, its family time
Malcolm Tilsley (played by milkmellow) Topic Starter

today is the first day of summer
hot, with a little breeze to it
. events/ news.

announcements for today will be, as Malcolm welcomes them into his home, he will be showing the kids around and getting them started into the nice, but big cozy mansion

.one. .ages 4-12.
.one. .
.two. .
.three. .
.four. .

.room two. girls.ages 13+.
.one. .Delja Addens. 17
.three. .
.four. .
.five. .
.six. .
.seven. .

.room 2. boys. ages 13+
three. .
.seven. .

.owner parents. .
.Malcolm Tilsley (father)
. name (mother)

.assistant (18+). ..
.assistant (18+). .
.owner daughter
.owner daughter

.therapy dogs. only can be three
1. Kenny Tilsey. golden doodle.

.pets. as many as you want

.grown ups with disabilities.
.none for now

.the disability's .
. none for now

.grown ups children.

>they like them
> they like each other
<3 dating
</3 exes
# hatred
❤️️ married

.thread owner. .milkmellow.
.mods:pm if interested to being a mod
.pm if want to be one
Delja Addens (played by milkmellow) Topic Starter

name: Delja Addens
nicknames: dont call her anything else rather than delja
age: Seventeen
gender: Female
eye color: light green
hair color: Dark green
sexuality: Hetersexual
personality: .dont mess with her, or you'll end up losing in a fighting match.
History: Her family was poor, she had nothing, and she never asked for anything. she was content with what she had, but on her 16 birthday. She was running from the police after stealing some food for the family, and ended up tripping over a rock. Slamming her head into the side of the concrete. after that everything had gone black, and she was in the hospital for a couple weeks. not once did her family come to visit her, she cried until she couldn't anymore. finally, after a couple weeks later they had decide to let her go, but still needed to keep an eye on her. she could never walk in straight lines, and she had headaches for days. her family didnt know or want to deal with this so they sent her away. she ended up at blythe foster home when she turned just 17, she isnt very nice, she doesnt trust any body, and she will fight you if you get out of line, she has never smiled and she steals
likes: being by herself, stealing, scavenging for food, making fights
dislikes: people.
fears: .the police, her family, loud bangs or noises
quote: tough times dont last, tough people do
disabilities: Traumatic Brain Injury
pets: she wants a service dog to help her around
other information:she doesnt cry, she just deals with things, in very bad way
Florence Elizabeth (played by AmberShades)

Name: Florence Elizabeth
Nicknames: Eliza, Eli
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Raven black
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Laid-Back, Friendly, Genuine, Creative, Problem-Solver
History: After she was born, she was automatically taking a disliking by her mother, and, as she grew over the years, it was easy to see that. Her mother had began cheating on her father and left the family when Florence could barely use proper grammar, let alone walk without falling every now and then. Since Florence had never been fond of her mother, she hardly cared when she was gone. Leaving her and her father, she was shown how to paint a handful of years later, and has been doing it ever since. On the way to the mall one evening, her father had drove past a stoplight, which was blinking a bright green, but another car had rammed into the side of theirs. Being fourteen at the time, she couldn't live by herself, so she moved in with her grandparents. It was a month after her father had died, and her grandparents had blamed her for the death. Not able to handle their constant yelling and arguing, Florence ran away. For three years, she practically lived in the streets, but she happened to stumble upon the Blythe Foster Home at the right moment.
Likes: Talking, Listening To Music, Arts And Other Crafts
Dislikes: Insults And Cruel People
Fears: Canines And Driving
Quote: "An Artist Sees What Others Only Catch A Glimpse Of."
Disabilities: None
Pets: None
Other Information: She Considers Everyone Her Friend If She Takes A Liking To Them, No Matter If They Like Her Or Not

(( Would It Be Alright If I Joined? ))
milkmellow Topic Starter

yes it would be amazing! if you joined!
Florence Elizabeth (played by AmberShades)

The rain was faintly tapping against the cab's window, and it was distracting Florence as she shuffled through her miniature bag. "Oh.. Oh no-" The driver of the taxi had sent a glimpse towards the teenager in the backseat, confused. "I.. Sir, how much money is the ride, again?” Fear lodged in her throat as she couldn’t find her wallet, which she hoped was hidden somewhere underneath her belongings. Where was it? Where had she put it? Hadn’t she remembered to grab it before she left previously that night?

The cab driver nodded. “Well, you’ve been in the car for two hours, maybe? So, I’m guessin’ it’s ‘bout ‘hundred bucks?” He nodded, making a small gesture to the device hooked into the radio. She had traveled thirty miles, and the price was, indeed, a hundred and two dollars, plus ninety three cents.

Florence choked. “A hundred? Are you sure? Sir, is there any way I can lessen the price? I don’t even have the money, and I-”

The car came to an immediate stop, whirling into the side of the busy road. “You’re kiddin’ me, ain’t you?” The driver glared at the teenager, who was breathing heavily in a panic. “I took ya all this way, and- Get out. Scram! I don’t want to e’er see your face ‘gain, got it?”

At the harsh words, Florence was quick to open the door and jump out of it. Hopelessly holding her bag to her chest, she slammed the door with a muttered curse and stepped away, watching as it faded from her sights. “Alright. You’re lost in a city, and you have absolutely nowhere to go,” Florence was speaking to herself, turning on her heels and sighing. It was a bad habit of hers, but it didn’t make her feel as lonesome. “Just.. stay positive. Maybe someone will help you out.. If everyone didn’t look like drug dealers..”

She scoffed and backed away from the sketchy men, tripping over stairs of a rather large building in the process. Sitting there with the items of her unzipped bag scattered on the steps, Florence finally cracked, holding her hand to her mouth as the tears slowly came.

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