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Kim Site Admin

Please do not create topics here that are intended to contain the OOC chatter relating to a RP that is ongoing elsewhere
Starting February 20th, 2020, Mods will begin removing "OOC dicussion topics" of this nature. If possible, we will merge them into the IC topic that they relate to. All the chatter that happened here will show as OOC when they are moved.

This forum has always been intended for people to discuss the craft of RP, get feedback on their characters, learn to improve their writing, etc.

We ask that instead of creating a topic that only a handful of people will be able to participate in, you instead take advantage of the new IC forum ability to show IC and OOC posts on different tabs within the same topic.

Old "OOC discussion" topics created before this rule went into effect, but that are still active, will be merged into their parent RP topics. Inactive topics will simply be allowed to fall down the board.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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You are on: Forums » RP Discussion » Rules of this forum - please read

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