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The world as we know it is in peril! In a universe where the Second World War continues into the year 2020 and technology changes not... A world where Germany conquers Europe and yet fails to invade the USA. Until now! The date is June 6th 2020 and Germany has made a front on the east coast! Our story begins in New York as the German army fights through the now war torn and shattered streets of New York City...
The ground rumbled as the German battalion headed by Hauptmann Hans Gretelein marched towards Times Square where the US army had set up a temporary base of operations... “alright men this is it! Get those yanks!” Hans would shout as hundreds of men exited out of their half track transports to charge at the base and tanks soon followed behind them
Mirai (played anonymously)

well what about her?)
Mirai (played anonymously)

Mirai was a the chosen one of the Morrigan the goddess of war. she was on the roof of a building watching the whole thing. she so badly wanted to join the fight. yet she was studying there actions and tactics and everything else. she smirked as she stood up. "this could be fun." she smiled and got off the roof and went to get a closer look at this to come battle. to see if there was a way cause chaos.
German mortar fire shelled the hastily built walls of the small fortification in Times Square eventually destroying them and allowing the flamethrower troops to enter the fort and burn everyone in sight...
Mirai (played anonymously)

she smiled and went and set up a trap of her own. using her weapon she made a magic circle and it took her a good 30 or so maybe more minutes to complete it. when her work was done. she went onto the roof of a huge building. her plan was simple. destroy both armies in her goddess name. she just wait until both where in the circle. she smirked and got ready to cast the spell once everything was in place.
After the fort got set on fire the soldiers got back into the transport and began driving away a strange demonic seal or aura radiating off of the German troops...
Mirai (played anonymously)

using a dark spell and did a chant in a forgotten language. " destruction and death. flames of war appear in the Morrigan and send there souls to her." the circle activated and cause a magical explosion, she smiled as she watched the chaos and how smooth that went.
The rear transports exploded as the few remaining as well as the tanks sped off to a forward operations base meanwhile the remaining Americans were panicked and frantically attempted to find cover...
Mirai (played anonymously)

she giggled and went to follow the tanks to there base. so she could have more fun. maybe she sneak into there ranks. she found humans dumb and yet entertaining. she hoped she could get influence in this war. maybe get command and officially enter the war.
“Mein herr! We are detecting a large spiritual entity tracking us!” One of the soldiers in Hans’ transport truck would say “no matter... the demonic seal should protect at least this truck from any spiritual attacks... but have scout snipers ahead of us search for the source...” Hans would reply as the soldier who brought it to his attention got on the radio to alert the scout sniper teams in the large bombed out skyscrapers...
Mirai (played anonymously)

Mirai smirked a demon seal? if she used a death or plague spell it have little to no affect. she raised her arms. "oh goddess of death hear my plea and protect me and strike true to your enemies. let chaos happen." suddenly a dark balls of magic hit in front and back of the truck and made holes in the road. she had her magic shield up and went into hiding as to stay out of sight of the snipers.
Janus's father had been from Yugoslavia before they immigrated to America for a better life. A few years after they left Yugoslavia was invaded by the Germans and Italians. So when he was born his father had fixated into Janus on the liberation of the homeland from the Axis. Now we had Janus and few militiamen ambushing a convoy in a nearby ruin skyscraper equipped with Rpg-7s and M60s. When found they found the convoy under attack on their ambush route, they quickly fired the RPGs rockets into the trucks in the center with suppressive machine gunfire.
Hans’ truck halted before the holes and Hans along with 10 other soldiers in heavy armor with gas masks exited the vehicle and disappeared into a large building which had a small swastika pained on the door...
Karl had gotten caught in the ambush that Janus orchestrated he exited out one of the rear trucks and ran into a building carrying a survival backpack hoping that they wouldn’t see him and would focus on the others...
((Ah, okay))

Clyde would help the Allied forces with Medical support, as well as the ability to stay in the Front Lines and fight. He would run and gun, taking down what he can while trying to recover wounded troops
They saw the destruction of the truck before the other trucks fleed. There was a cheer from the large squad of men some were even hugging each other. But Janus wasn't cheering nor was he smiling, he knew it will take weeks possibly months before they could drive the germans from new york. So after the cheering died down he ordered 4 of his men to go down and check for survivors and bring them here for questioning.
Karl saw the 4 men who had exited the skyscraper he shot 2 of them with his confiscated American M4 before he fled deeper into the building to wait and see if the others would come after him...
He heard the gunshots and radio in the two and said, Marcus, Kel do you copy. Then he heard a voice "Cp this Marcus 2 KIAs confirmed, 2 friendlies." He sighed and knew what to do then. He ordered the remaining pair to retreat and hold whoever was coming he then grabbed his M6 Rifle and had 3 men follow him and they walked down the stairs slowly watching every nook and corner carefully.
Karl ran to the other side of the building where he set down a claymore by the door and then ran down the street to try and find a safe vantage point...

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