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This... actually isn't something I need to worry about at all so far, but a discussion I saw made me curious about it.

So, other game-masters, how have/do/would you handle player characters with abilities such as prophecy, precognition, or otherwise getting hints about the future? At what point do you find them just unacceptable?

These questions apply to players with precog characters, too: how do you make them workable for your GMs?

Again, this isn't something where I need help fast or anything so much as general curiosity. ^v^
Step 1. Work that ability into your adventure. Sure, players will never go in quite the direction you want them to, but always know that they can, I.E. the moment someone gains the ability NEVER FORGET THAT THEY CAN!!

Step 2. As the GM, you are responsible for determining the actual limits of this precognition. In some cases, you, the GM are actually responsible for triggering it (which makes step one even more important). In that case, use it to create atmosphere, to Telegraph things that would normally be insta-kills, etc. Whenever the ability is used, however, you determine how much of what they see, even if it goes against whatever rulebooks say.

Step 3. Keep the future flexible and conditional. If a certain player is determined to be so cautious as to be boring or so flippant as to be reckless, then adjust the actual future in accordance with their good or bad choices (though not all good choices lead to good outcomes, or vice versa). Now, not all things can be adjusted. The red dragon in that cave will still be in its lair no matter how many fights they pick with each other because it currently lives there, but things like "who will be their ally," or "what animals will pass their way on a given day," those can be adjusted. This leaves room for both surprise and counter-play, which keeps adventures fun.

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