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Since it's almost Valentines day and February is the month of love in general it seems, I figured I'd open this thread similar to the draw the character above you thread myself and DarkCrow and a few others are doing and have done in the past. Not to mention who doesn't need practice drawing pairings/couples? I sure need the practice.

ALL pairings are allowed, lgbtq and hetero, mono and poly.

So the rules are as follows.

0. All art must be SFW unless the person states they are okay with nsfw art and the characters are 18+. If it's NSFW it must be warned as such before linking the art.
NSFW art must be linked and cannot be put in a collapse tag even with a warning.

1. Post with the character and their partner whether their partner is another persons character or your own character, please link both characters or all character in regards to polyamorous pairings. If the pairing is engaged or married and you'd want rings on their hands if their hands are drawn please include this.

2. In this same post make sure you say that you claim the person above you and the couple they put up.

3. Draw the couple/pairing, whether traditionally or digitally and then edit your post, placing the art in a collapse tag so the thread isn't cluttered with big ole art.

I'll go first, offering up a couple and then the next person claims mine, offers up their own, someone claims theirs (maybe me, who knows) and so forth, endless receiving and practicing getting pairings. :)

The couple I offer up is:

Gideon and Thalia (Thalia is Dndmamas character)

NSFW art is a-okay for this pairing.

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NOT CLAIMING but I adore this concept and hopefully I'll be able to come back here and play with this once my to-do list is a little shorter. This sounds like an AWESOME idea!

And yes, I do need a ton of practice with couples ^^;

Sorry about the random comment, take it as a bump lol
I'll claim Mercy! (I DMed her before hand to let her know that there will be a delay in delivering my piece, so if you don't see this post edited for a while, don't worry about it!)

I'll throw up my couple Adael and Barame. They're married, and they do technically wear rings, but it's pretty uncommon that I draw in that detail.

Gonna slide in here and claim Claine <3 (I meant to say this like weeks ago and forgot opps)

I'll then also toss up:
Noah and Bryce

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