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Okay, hello everyone. I feel.... HELLA DUMB!

So I was searching for a RP and I keep seeing “meet cute”

Could someone please explain what that means? I feel like it should be a simple thing but I can’t wrap my tired mind around it.
No, you ain't dumb. Click the 'Community' tab and it is all there in the Community News. :)
Oh my gosh.. thank you so much. I feel a little less dumb now
No worries. I got on this morning and I’m line ‘what’s all this meet/cute stuff? I then took a look at the cimmunity tab. I hardly ever go there anymore since they got rid of the character kudos showcase.
I certainly wouldn't call yourself dumb for this. Truth is I never knew what a meet cute was until the 2019 one kicked off (my first meet cute). I learned then that this was a phrase used outside of rpr too! Not knowing something doesn't make you dumb, and I wouldn't say either one of us were dumb for not knowing :)
That’s pretty cool though. It looks really interesting and I like reading everyone’s take on it so far. 😋 and at first I was like, is this a new RP term that I haven’t known about for this whole time? I thought it was something that I should have known.
I only know the term 'cause of fanfiction. :P
Basically, it's shipping
TardisCatTwo wrote:
Basically, it's shipping

That makes it very clear for me, haha. Thank you.

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