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I usually have 5+ multi-paragraph RPs going, often with a lot of world-building involved, much of which I at the time either didn't consider worth noting down anywhere or simply forgot to.

Back in the old version of the site, PMs used to have 50 messages per page, and it was really easy to ctrl + F what I was looking for when backtracking for memory purposes. Heck, it was even pretty easy to find my place simply by using the top few posts of the page. Now, with 20 messages per page, there's over twice the number of pages to search through; and particularly with 900+ post RPs (and such long RPs often have periods of downtime due to RL stuff and burn-outs), it kinda makes a difference.

Am I being dumb and overlooking an option somewhere? If not, would it be possible to implement a way to choose how many posts per page are displayed on PM RPs? Perhaps even higher numbers than 50 if that's possible?

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Yeah I miss having more posts per page.
I thought there was a difference.

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