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Well I originally had just one suggestion, but I came up with a second one when I tried to write the title for the first.

1. Shorten the topic title box and the who to post as boxes? While I was writing the title, I realized that I couldn't type in any more characters in it before I had even reached half of the box's length. Just feels a bit deceptive that you are given such a huge box and then you can't actually use more than half of it.

2. Add a link to the BBCode Help page to the profile wizard? I was inspired by this this thread that it might be a good idea to do so since a lot of people like to use code on their profiles pages. So I just thought it would be a natural place to include a link to that help page.
For suggestion #2, it's already there!! :D

After you add a text widget, and you open it up, there's a link under the text input box (and above the check box for 'use smiles') that will lead you to the BBCode page! It's the link called "Want more ways to format your text?"

Katia Topic Starter

Oh I never noticed it. xD I never really use any code on my profiles so that would explain it.

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