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Roleplay as one of the many Tribes of Pyrria.

This RP takes place after the Jade mountain prophecy, just so you know.

I would prefer to have people RP who know/have read the Wings Of Fire books, however if you want to RP but don't know what WoF is I would be willing to teach you.

-Hybrids are aloud, although must be approved by me.
-Make sure the names aren't already taken. See the WoF Forum website online to view the names that are already used.
-No God-Playing. (Not becoming tired, overpowered attacks, not needing food, etc.)
-Animus dragons must be approved and any users who play as animus dragons must be descendants of animus dragons. (Each spell uses 5% of your soul, when you reach 20% you start to become insane.)
-Be realistic. No red colored Icewings, etc.
-Each character basically must be approved
---More rules will be added as the RP becomes larger----
Galaxy (played by ShadowFlame2022)

Can I play?
Permafrost (played by WingsOfFire) Topic Starter

Galaxy wrote:
Can I play?
Of course! I'll check your character real quick.
Galaxy (played by ShadowFlame2022)

Am I ok?
Dusk (played by dantefrancis)

((Can I join?))
Permafrost (played by WingsOfFire) Topic Starter

Yeah! Of course
Moonlight (played by sans)

Hi i figured i would ask first but
1.Can i join and
2.Can i modify Moonlight so he is an animus?
Moonlight (played by sans)

I dont know why it posted three times so im editing it
Moonlight (played by sans)

Um, hello there! Could I still join?

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