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Edit as of 3/31/2020: If you want to use video game titles for this, then go for it!

Welcome one and all, Winter here.

I'm not sure if this has been done here on RPR, in any version. But since I just found it via Facebook, I thought to share it with ya'll and give it a go.

It's fairly simple. -points to the image below-


Ready? Let's begin!

Toilet Paper Wars

(Note: Please make sure to follow RPR rules, so there aren't any issues that may come up. Rather keep things clean and safe, then not and be sorry for them. Ty!)

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Toilet Paper Runner
Forbidden Toilet Paper
Jurassic Toilet Paper
Treasure Toilet Paper
The Toilet Paper Games
Gone with the Toilet Paper
The Killing Toilet Paper
A Christmas Toilet Paper
The treasure of serria toilet paper
Bayonetta Toilet Paper Fate
20000 Leagues Under the Toilet Paper
The big toilet paper
The Maltese Toilet Paper
The African toilet paper
Key toilet paper
Toilet Paper
The Next Level
James and the Giant Toilet Paper
Monty Python and the Holy Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper of Notre Dame

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