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The first person to reply below is trying to order a burger from a dumb waitress at a fast food resturant. All subsequent responders are people in line. Every single line of text, whether it be diolouge or description, must rhyme.

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"Hello, my dear, I would like a burger from here.

A double with cheese, if that isn't too hard please.

I have waited in line for over an hour

I would like to eat and go home for a shower

this one burger, I ask of you, could you add some fries too

make the drink small and deliver it all!"
"Um, sir, pardon me if I'm rude,
I really don't want to seem to be prude.
Could you hurry up please?
I really want a pickle with cheese.
See, I've been getting these really weird craves.
And all of them just come in waves!
So, go faster and my problem is done!
I'm trying to rush and I want only one!"

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