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Well I'm getting tired of looking at a pawn chess piece and no pizazz so I need a hand. People say I draw good but I don't think I draw good enough for this order. What I need is a banner and icon for my fandom Magnefic group. For the icon. Just something good looking to replace the chess piece thing with. For the banner I was thinking a line up of popular characters from various shows, movies etc. I'm contemplating a list of specific characters so if you want to volunteer for this task, I'll let you know who exactly I want. Sadly though due to recent circumstances, I am the sole bread winner in my household so I can't compensate with anything of monetary value but perhaps we could work out something such as me trying my hand at doing up some fan art of the volunteers characters or something like that. Any takers? If not I'll give it a whirl myself. But I know there's better artists than me on this site which is why I'm asking. Any help will be appreciated.

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