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The setting is at sunset in a small beach town with old cobblestone streets on the tip of a peninsula. The great war has now been over for 3 years and life is starting to become normal again. However, some major powers are still not happy with the way the end of the war happened. This is the story of the people in this town and their world.

Please jump in and join this small town, it welcomes all people from all sides with all kinds of past.

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Fang Wijj (played by homonization)

Fang stopped her tracks and observed the fading sign in front of her.
"5 Kilometres tooo- ..... Huh, the sign is barely readable..." She looked up and saw the outlines of buildings in the distance.
"I guess this is my next stop." She stretched her arm and adjusted her backpack.

She could've stayed in the woods, but her grandma's voice kept ringing inside her head. "You've gotta stop and have human interactions once in a while or you'll go insane, ok?" Well, she also misses the taste of good food, so might as well.

She resumed her steps noting the change from the dirt path to old cobblestones beneath her feet. She predicted it was about 5 PM now, with how her shadow's looking.
Humming a familiar tune, she arrived at the town's gate.

There's not really much gate perse, but more of a set of posts, with some old fella sitting at the stone near it.
Fang walked towards him, upon closer look she could see that he's soundly sleeping, sawing logs in his dream. Decided it would be rude to wake him up, she walked into the town, hoping to find an inn cheap enough to stay.

She sniffed the air, seems like someone's cooking pasta. Okay, food first it is.
Fang Wijj (played by homonization)

double post, sorry
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Three years was like a decade for him when the war was finally over. Kino, the former soldier take his leave from the barracks or HQ that he begans his new life to become a travelling merchant. Getting his horse Jecth as he leave with his bags to the town he is staying for the duty. Traveling for 2 days straight, he managed to see a town on a beach that he decided to stay for couple of days before continue his travel.

As he enter, he stop and look at the inn that he decided to rent a room, parking his horse at the stable and enter inside with his bag and intimidating look as he sat on the counter. Calling the bartender or person incharge on the counter to order a glass of whisky and cut pallete fish.
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

Astrid walked down the main cobblestone street in town right at sunset. She stopped next to the old man sleeping she had come to call him Bob since he was always sleeping and they never had a formal conversation. Astrid set some bread down next to the sleeping man. She turned and leaned against the old sea wall watching the water. Her long golden hair whipped behind her in the breeze finally after a long while she let out a sigh "Well Bob, I have to get back to work" the man let out a few groans of thanks as she started off toward the Inn her eyes catching on another girl passing by but Astrid respectfully looked away.

Astrid slid into a back door of an alley and glanced at the clock she was 5 minutes late again. Quickly Astrid grabbed a small apron and tied it around her waist over her pale blue sundress. As she made her way to the front her eye caught on a tiered looking man her breath almost caught it had been six months since they last had a traveler want to stay.

Quickly she plastered on a warm smile and darted toward the man "Sorry for the wait, Welcome to the Sea Inn, How can I help?"
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino look at her with sharp looking eyes as he sit straight and look at her.
"Ms. Can I have a glass of whisk and Cut Pallete Fish. Make the fish medium fry since I've been tired of eating roasting fish on my travel here."

He finish as he put his arms on the table waiting for the waitress to finish listing it down. After that he pulled his handkerchief as he wrap it on his neck."
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

Astrid’s eye twitched a bit at the arrogance of the scrappy looking man. However, Astrid had mastered the art of hiding her personal feelings at eight in Mr.Val’s etiquette classes. So she just softly smiled and took the order rushing it back to the kitchen and grabbing a glass of whiskey From the bar. Ever since the end of the war Astrid had dealt with ex soldiers thinking they were important or that people in a small town like this would care. Astrid finds her way back over to the table with the whiskey after taking another order from a local “ it will be about 15 minutes just give me a holler if you need anything” she again smiles and tilts her head toward the back where the bar area is.
Fang Wijj (played by homonization)

After having an early dinner, which was fortunately pretty cheap, Fang rubbed her belly in satisfaction, she could go for seconds still, but her wallet isn't her best friend today.

She walked towards the inn she passed before, looks quaint, not that glamorous yet in a good shape. She hoped it would be cheap enough for maybe 2 or 3 days of stay. Crossing her fingers, she entered the inn.

The first thing she saw was a receptionist's desk, though it seems empty. The air smelled of cooking... Hmm, fish... Figuring whoever in charge was at the back, serving costumers. She stepped inside further and found a small dining room, filled with locals and from the old man's smell, a fellow traveler.

She decided to sit down at a table, waiting for the cook to finish and ask them about a room.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino sigh as he grab his meds that he open the caps and take 3 pills. He put it on his mouth and swallowed then drink a fresh wine on his silver flask.

He breath out as he watch the maid in order to kill some time until his order arrive.
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

Astrid's hand clenched again the man put her at a bit of uneasiness but she continued around the room taking orders. It was an awful busy night to be alone minus the grumpy cook in the back and the awkward teenage bellboy. Her eyes scanned the room and finally landed on the second traveler to enter today a young lady with an almost wild air to her. Astrid walks on up to the young woman's table "Hey, Miss what can I do you for a room or dinner or all of the above?" a lot of hooting and hollering came from the back of the kitchen, Astrid rolled her eyes and the exhaustion of being the only capable employee was really starting to show on her face.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino decided to grab a paper and tabacco leaves as he rolled it into a cigarette as he was gonna light it with matches.
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

As Astrid waited on the young girl to answer her eyes flicked toward the scrappy looking traveler. Something just seemed a tad off about him maybe it was his hard exterior or the fact he just pulled out tobacco. “ lord have mercy” Astrid slammed her notepad down on the table in front of the girl. The quickly tried to recover “excuse me I have to deal with something if you need a room find the bellboy at the front, if you need food I’ll be right back”

Astrid was petite in stature but when she was angry her stature seem to grow to that of a giants. She came up on the left side of man tapping her foot “I can see you know how to read... so want to tell me what you are doing”
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino stop as his matches flame went off that he look at her eye to eye with a little wondering look.

" what? Just take a smoke since I'm been tired for my travel to get here. "
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

Astrid eyes become sharp like they could burn him “not in the restaurant, there is a sign” the girl points while her eyes stay locked on the man. The girl looked like she might explode it wasn’t really the scrappy travelers fault it was this dang inn that was causing her so much stress. There was a ding from the kitchen where the old cook was hollering and another thud from the front where the bell boy knocked over a lamp. Astrid didn’t need the money from this job she just kept it to have something to do. Finally, Astrid whipped off her apron throwing it on the table where the scrappy traveler sat and snatched up his remaining whiskey tossing it back “I’m quite” she then pointed one small finger at the traveler “your fish is ready” she ran her hand over his back as she made her way toward the front door of the inn and back onto the cobble stone street.

The smell of the sea and the chill of the night caused a long shiver down her spine. She sucked in another long breath a noise making her jump a bit and to throw her hands over her head and ducking down into a ball. It was an old habit left over from the war she just couldn’t shake.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino turn his head where her finger pointed as he read " No Smoking" so he just sigh and his the Cig on his pocket .
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

As his order arrived he tried to thank her but she leave the scene. He watch her get out from the Inn that he called the other waitress to take out her fish that she cover it with a foil.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

He puts the money on the table as he gave a last drink of his whisky and went out. He saw her on the beach that he walk and stand beside her. "Cold night were having right?"
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

Astrid slowly looked over her shoulder and stood from where she ducked down. She tried to brush her straight and a golden lock fell over her shoulder. “ my favorite” she lied as another shiver ran down her back and she wrapped her arms around her waist
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino notice she is shivering " You there is 70% chances you'll catch a cold there Missy and also it woild made the stress even worst."

He pulled out his flask of wine and drink. " Wines always warms the heart in a cold night during the war."
Astrid Vanderton (played by Clumsylemon) Topic Starter

She shrugs and hold out a hand tentatively “then let me have a sip” she smile was a bit softer this time “I’m Astrid”

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