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Welcome back to Tug-O-War - Inclusive edition! This was created in lieu of the disappearance of the last Tug-o-War, which was only available to folks who were men or women. Something not all of us are, or want, to align with! So, instead of being on teams decided by gender - we are on teams by birth year!

Down to the rules. They're pretty simple. We start out at 1,000
Those born in odd years ( 1,3,5,7,9 ) - You go down by 1. Your end goal is 0.
Those born in even years ( 0,2,4,6,8 ) - You go up by 1. Your end goal is 2,000.

You CANNOT make two posts in a row
PLEASE - Do not just have two people on the same side go back and forth for 1,000 numbers. That actually killed a part of the fun last time and as someone who was on the winning team - it felt uncomfortably close to some level of cheating. No hard "wait for 2+ ppl to comment before commenting again" rule, but please be courteous haha!! (3 people on the same team just going around and around is fair enough game though!)
Have fun!!

I'm also slowly but surely gonna add more and more cowboy stuff. Links to art will be here!!
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