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Hey everyone!

I am new here and I been rping for a few years. I love romance, fantasy, supernatural, medieval, school basically I’m open to any rp. I came on here to relax and write for fun basically. I’m working on my masters in human services and I’m trying to get a cps job. I love reading and Disney!
Hello and Welcome to RP Repository!
May you find fun and relaxation within these walls!
Hey Kiddos!!!! Welcome to the new and improved RP Repository, I hope y'all have fun here and make new friends!!!
Hello and welcome to the RPRepository family.
I do hope you enjoy your stay and don't be shy to ask for any help if you need any.
Anyway, it's really nice to meet you and always stay safe! See you around! <3
Salutations, and welcome to RPR!
Hey there! Welcome to RPR, I'm glad you could join us! I hope you have fun here!

You are on: Forums » Introductions » Bonjour!

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