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Somehow this "character" ended up with the icon of one of my other characters despite me never uploading one. I tried to remove it and can see that I don't have the basic question mark anymore. Anyway to get that back?
A workaround would probably be to save this image onto your computer and then reupload it:

Sanne Moderator

Moderators can remove icons for you which will automatically put the placeholder back. I'm not sure if the removal of the icon should lead to a blank one, that could be a bug? But if you like, report the character whose icon you want removed and we'd be happy to do so. :)

Edit: You may also want to submit a bug report about the weird accidental icon!
You get the blank by uploading the default. Don't blanks look better than a question mark if you don't want any icon? Just curious.
Thanks everyone and I'll submit the bug report later!

You are on: Forums » Help » Go back to the question mark icon?

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