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i know we can look for writers in the kudos tab, and we can look for them via the "characters" option, but I would love it if there was a page dedicated to listing writers on RPR.

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This piqued my interest when I read it this morning. Would like to further elaborate on what constitues a 'writer'.
On the Kudos page one can browse the kudos and see were someone has marked 'Creative Writer', and I guess you can put it in a character search and see what you get.

When you say 'Writers' do you mean account names? I've always maintained that there were two sub-camps of roleplayers... those who are more 'Writers' and those who are more 'Gamers' and can be rated on one of those slider bars from 1 (Gamer) to 10 (Writer).

What would a page for writers look like? So many questions....
I like this suggestion!

Personally, I'd keep it simple (at least to start) and it would look a lot like the Browse Characters page without attempting to categorize members in any way that does not already exist.

My super fancy UI mockup.... ;)

Community >> Browse Members

[ ] Exclude minors
[ ] Exclude those without open RPs
[ ] Exclude those with no public characters

Sort by (select box): [A-Z, Z-A, Recent (public) activity, Newest Creation Date]


Account Profile Pic, Account Name, kudos link (similar to on the Find RP page), Gender (if publicly displayed), Age (if publicly displayed), Link to Open RPs

If screen real-estate allows… the first x number of characters of the member’s profile.

(Edit: By 'characters' in that last context.. I mean the profile text (alpha numeric characters), not the member's RP-able personas. You'd have to click on their name to go see those.)
Are you basically suggesting a user search, if that's what you mean by writer? If so, I'd like this too, especially if we could sort by someone's declared post length/frequency.
Hadeslicious Topic Starter

Not necessarily a search, more on the lines of what Juls described. A way to go through users in the same context and scroll through them. They could be listed in either alphabetical order, or newest to oldest, or most recently edited user profiles, as well as if they have open RP threads or not. I quite like how Juls laid it out. :)

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