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Hello there,

I'm fairly new to the forum so I'm still learning, I hope my question is in the right spot :>

I would like to start an art-play group; a group for people to RP through drawings, where images we create will be included in each of the replies, so art-play!

My question is in two parts, how do I start a group and would this style of art-play go in an art forum, or rp forum?

Thank you :)
1) To create a group go to "Your Stuff" -> "Groups" -> "Create Group"

2) you only need to specify whether a group in IC or OOC and since this group is RP based I'd consider it an IC group. Internally you can structure it however you want. Personally I think it'd make most sense for the RP too go in a "RP" forum and have a separate OOC art forum where your members could show off their art.
Wonderful perfect

thank you :D

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