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I am trying to update my group's banner and I'm having trouble locating an answer about what dimensions the banner should be. It used to be set for something like 920x250 but when I use my old banners they do not scale properly into the space like they used to.

When I use a larger sized image it centres it but doesn't scale it to the space, which would indicate that it still "wants" (for a lack of a better way to describe it) a specific dimension. I can't find an answer to this in the help article for group appearance editing, nor is there anything on the actual uploading spot about what size the image should be.

Does anyone know the size that it's looking for?
I don't think there's any specific size that will always fit whatever size a person's browser is, at least not without accessing the CSS to customize the way it gets displayed.
Maybe I didn't word that well. The point I'm trying to make is that it's NOT scaling like it should or like it used to.

I suspect that there's supposed to be a ratio of some kind (like twice as wide as it is tall, or something).

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