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Hello, lovelies


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I'm looking for a semi-lit to literate partner who doesn't mind a couple of paragraphs each response. I myself am not perfect at spelling or grammar, so don't be deterred if you don't feel you're very good at either of those! All I ask is an attempt at being descriptive. I prefer somebody who is 18+ mostly just because of the experience or if there will be NSFW themes involved but I'm willing to RP with minors if there won't be NSFW in the RP. I'm only interested in a MxM RP and I won't make exceptions. As a gay man, this is the only type of RP I am comfortable doing and I ask you to respect that. When it comes to plot and story, I like to work that out with my partner and come to an agreement rather than go in with certain plots in mind. I also love to get to know my partner a bit more and I like hearing about their days. It's comforting to get to know I'm Roleplaying with a person and not just a partner if that makes sense!

I have a few prompts but I'm more than happy to create a new story with somebody and come up with a plot together, it's encouraged even! My prompts aren't anything fancy but they're something of a guilty pleasure of mine and I'm not expecting too many people to be interested in them. One prompt takes place in the roaring 20's in a world where gangsters, flappers, speakeasies, and well-dressed men all dwell among the crime-ridden streets in the big city. There are endless roles you can take on to whatever your desire so long as it's time period appropriate! The other prompt takes place in the 50's with greasers, diners, drive-in theaters, and smooth-talking wise guys with money in the jukebox. Once again you may play whomever you wish and whatever role you want! I'm even very open to the idea of monsters being integrated into the plots. (I know realistically homosexuals and POC weren't exactly treated well in these time periods but for the sake of just being a theme I don't plan on including those in the RP as a gay POC myself!!!!)

When it comes to characters, I prefer OCs and normally ones made specifically for the RP. I have no problem with existing characters though! I may use some of my own, sometimes it's just easier for the other person to make a new character than try to conform an existing one to the plot. What I am uncomfortable with is self-inserts, existing characters of media (shows, games, movies), or, and I cannot stress this one enough, real people in real life. I have a plethora of different types of characters to work from, I have more inhuman/monster men than regular humans but I don't mind making whatever type of character fits the plot and story! A big thing to note about the characters I RP with; I don't particularly care for RPing with characters who are "femboys" and are amazingly thin, frail, and, for lack of a better term, submissive. By "femboy" I do not mean men who act feminine, as I have plenty of gender non-conforming characters or characters who exhibit more feminine qualities. I also don't mind RPing with submissive characters, as a lot of my characters are versatile and go either way. It's just a certain way that gay couples are portrayed that bothers me. Oh! And a good portion of my characters are bigger-bodied (or "thicc") men. Edit: As a trans guy myself, GNC or trans guys are totally cool as well!!

If any of this interests you and you're considering an RP with me, feel free to message me! A small thing to note though is I probably won't be RPing on here or through email. I prefer messengers like Kik, Discord, and Telegram and It'd be super convenient if you RP on one of those already. However, if you don't use any of those I understand and we can work something out! I really look forward to hearing from you. ♡
im interested if your still looking

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