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I have been a fan of Harry Potter for several years. Ever since my 8th grade in Middle School, so about six years now. Many times before I have participated in role-play stories within the world of Harry Potter here and on other sites. Recently I had been inspired to create another search for other such role-play packed with details, plot ideas, and options for different eras. However soon after, the author of the books revealed herself to hold destructively awful views that can not be tolerated and was rightfully ostracized because of that.

It has been clear to many fans of Harry Potter, including myself that the author was not handling the expansion of the story very well. Making various absurd and excessive Twitter posts as well as authorizing a play by in large considered not canon despite the official claims because of the contradictory nature to the books and general feelings of discontent of the content presented. For some time it seems that the fandom has started adopting the policy of Death of the Author when it comes to Harry Potter and handling certain aspects better than the original author even to the extent of fixing various aspects considered mistakes. I have done the same whenever possible.

For many including myself, this series has taken on a life and meaning beyond any reach the author could have over it. However, I understand that for many others the Harry Potter series' association with the horrid ideals of their author have permanently tainted their feelings towards them. Therefore, I wanted to make this post to first know the feelings of the RP Repository community towards the HP series and potentially an RP based on it. Whether it would be OK for more to make an RP fan advert if not then to not make it, and if anyone still wishes to participate then for it to be done privately with those who would still like to do so.

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I think it's more than okay to make an advert for Harry Potter/Hogwarts related roleplay if that's something you wish to roleplay.

The reason why I think this is because while the author certainly made some highly controversial and hurtful comments about the trans community and other situations, Harry Potter and Hogwarts have meant a lot to people and I'm sure there is many to which it continues to mean a lot. Of course, to some this may be tainted and those people could choose to no longer roleplay anything related to it because they personally have no wish to. That's perfectly fine and understandable, however for me the opposite is true and I don't let my love for a story I enjoyed through my entire childhood and youth into adulthood get ruined by the views of it's author.

I do not agree with anything Rowling has said recently, nor do I share the same beliefs. In fact I strongly disagree with her but that doesn't take away or change the fact that Hogwarts used to be an escape for me when I needed it the most. A magical place I could dream of that still holds a lot of meaning to me on this very day. I also do not think it's wrong to still enjoy her stories or roleplay stories that include parts of Harry Potter, Hogwarts or any other elements within the books. Over the years they have taken on a life of their own and I feel like the stories do not reflect her views in any way.

This question to me is similar to whether or not one should roleplay in a war setting, particularly world war 1 or world war 2. Those topics are probably more sensitive as the roleplay would contain elements of the actual wars instead of elements of a story that is written by someone with particular beliefs. (To which the answer is yes, it's perfectly acceptable to roleplay stories that take place in war settings as long as it's respectfully, in my opinion.)

I do not mean or wish to downplay any statements that Rowling has made, I just think that anyone that wishes to still has the right to roleplay and portray characters within Hogwarts or the Harry Potter universe.

I hope this is helpful to you.
Thank you, yes this is very helpful to me.

I share many of the same views you have expressed and hope that my search for an RP leads to much fun and enjoyment with other fans of Harry Potter and Hogwarts in general.

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