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Kitsunebi (played anonymously)

((Light magical urban-High fantasy playability! Sci-fi is also somewhat playable! Leaves have magically or mysteriously blown to people, with invitations written on them! The invitations invite you to The Forest House to enjoy refreshments, relaxation, and flowers, and to celebrate the season.)

It was a warm and clear summer day. The breeze wafted through the grasses; the scent of seeds and sun-warmed fronds of weeds drifted through the air under the sounds of birdsong. Light dappled down through the green leaves overhead, making them nearly translucent, the veins visible before they were shushed over softly by their fellows. Underneath, leaves crackled softly, twigs shifted a bit, bugs crawled on their oh-so-loud-and-busy, quiet, toiling pathway beneath. Greenish, yellowish, reddish wings, and blue, green, orange, gold bodies of dragonflies flitted by, glimmering, dust motes and bright flecks glinting around them. Leaves fell faintly; a humming and trilling of grasshoppers and crickets and bees, mimicking-bird sounds, creaking mantis and katydids. The floor below rustled and sang with scent, the loam emitting a fragrance of roots and old leaves, fresh soil, rain and darkness from its sun-filled gatherings. Birds cheeped and tweeted above; wood creaked and groaned all about; the forest floor was littered with comings and goings of life and stillness.
Branches swayed softly, and another breeze transpired; the treetops swayed and waved, and light drizzled down from their greenness above, to the branches below, to the flowers beginning to bloom on the branches, to the sloping loving lines of the trees surrounding the wooden timbers of a house, where the light shone also; to the forest floor and its leaves and twigs and bugs and soil and wet little rivulets of water.
The house was a fine one. It was not so small. It was fairly plain, only it was fascinating, too, and its light boards looked new, in the sun, but solid, dappled with light, and shade, and drooped over by twining branches of sweet flowers, gentle, compromising, comfortable. Its roof looked sturdy enough; its chimney also. The smooth-and-rough slats atop it looked mismatched but were well put together, and the little brick chimney looked merry and still, sitting above the house and between the branches.
The house did not look too much apart of the tree, despite being a thing to itself, clearly. Their wood seemed to blend together in some places near the roots, and the house seemed perhaps to be a little off the ground. They did not displace each other. There seemed to be room. The flowers nodded their heads; the light leaked down and frolicked about, leaping through bushes and underleaves and peeping out of flowers, cheekily. A flock of butterflies, or several, in a multitude of colors, drifted and fluttered about nearby the house.
The door appeared to be wood, appeared to be sturdy enough, certainly, appeared to have a knob of brassy color. It shone a little, although not too much because the sun was not on it. There was a window, but it was not terribly large, and it had a shutter on it. It also had a faintly gauzy look, as though you might not see it so well, from a different angle. There was a mushroom, off to the side. Water dripped nearby, probably into a little stone pool or another leaf or a dark secret pocket from which something would come and drink, later. The forest sighed, and wavered its illusions. For a moment, everything was still, and the house shone brightly, and a few of the butterflies seemed to be laughing. Then a breeze stirred, and the chirping-twittering-creaking-flashing resumed.

You look at your invitation, which is a small leaf gilded with floral writing, petals looping around dots and vines curling around spaces, leaves bursting from parts of letters. It invites you to a party, in the forest house; a celebration of summer and livelihood. There will be drinks served, and you may drink them; food served, which you may eat; and trinkets woven, which you may wear and roam freely in the forest, for a day. You smile, perhaps. You look up from the invitation, and move to the door.
Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

Melissa looked at the invitation blown to her and got excited. Summer being her favorite time of year. As she anxiously waited for her mother to get home after work when she did. Melissa ran out to the her car and her mother aylssa got out of her car. "Mom,mom let's go to this house and celebrate summer". Aylssa smiled approvely. "Yes we will you did exceptionally well in school this year. Aylssa and melissa walked through the forest enjoying the nature walk. Hearing the birds walking through the leaves. Melissa held tight in her small hands the invitation. Aylssa and melissa arrived at the house. Melissa knocked at the door and stepped back as she stood before her mother.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Kitsunebi had prepared the leaves earlier. The incantations had been spoken, the motions had been moved, and she'd sang a good luck song while preparing food and drink. The floor was swept and the flowers were arranged in their vases. The mantelpiece was decorated, and the walls had new painting on them.
She straightened her kimono- yukata, in a greenish weave interspersed with yellow flowers. The edges were gray and silken, and the waist was striped with blue and white. It was comfortable, and she moved the sash a little to make it looser. Her face gleamed back at her from the mirror; she wore no makeup but a small ink heart on one cheek, and a series of rainbow dots on the other. Her chin-length dark hair had an ornament braided into it, silvery, but was otherwise undecorated. Kitsu smiled.
The lamps were lit, and she had just put the finishing touch of garnish on a tray when knock sounded upon the door. Hmm... Lower down, probably a child. Delightful! Just one more thing... Kitsu scampered across the room and opened the back door, surveying the scene for a moment- or rather, the scenes, drifting by... A wide green yard with a natural pool, rippling under the moonlight, lanterns reflecting; a great grey stony hill, with rollicking flames and faint music; the sea, great and green and golden, dashing and leaping and roaring in the sun.
She nodded, satisfied, and shut the door; it faded back, neutral and tawny brown, into the woodwork again.
Sandals tapping over the rug, Kitsunebi swung open the front door and saw a small girl, hardly more than 3 feet tall, and a beautiful woman next to her. Kitsunebi smiled.
"I'm so glad to see you!" she cried, opening the door wider. "Welcome to the festival of summer! Drinks are on the table, if you're thirsty- do you like lemonade?" She asked, leaning over closer to the little girl and smiling at her. "We have that and juice and even milk, although there's water too if you're thirsty from your trip."
Standing again and bowing, Kitsunebi let them walk in, and was halfway through closing the door before she remembered to tell them her name. "It's Kitsunebi, but you can call me Kitsu for short," she said pleasantly. "It means fox-fire, sort of."

She directed the mother and daughter to the refreshment tables, and tapped the music box in the corner. A record started playing; A flute-and-piano-and-violin version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Summer. It strummed silkily from the record player and throughout the room, a raucous melody at a soft volume, light strings and droplets of piano music, and the easy tones of the flute.
A cicada or seven hummed outside, and light fell in through the window; just a crack, greenish and yellow. The lamps were a soft orange tone. The tables were sweet smelling shiny wood, and the rugs were pink and blue. The room looked like the sky, if the sky were a tree. It smelled like flowers. Kitsunebi smiled and tended to her guests.
Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

"Hi kitsu. I am melissa and this is my mom aylssa. I got your invitation and since i am 5. I invited my mother along with". Her mother smilied. "Melissa is 5 going on 25. We'll Both have lemonade thanks for the inviting us. The walk here was so beautiful. I love your taste in music". Aylssa picked up her daughter mirror images of each other. And swayed with the music. Aylssa remarked" you are a wonderful housekeeper i love the flowers ambience of your home". Aylssa and melissa enjoyed the cool lemonade after their journey through the forest. As they both enjoyed meeting their new freind as the morning streched into afternoon.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"I'm glad to hear it," she said, laughing softly at the girl's eagerness to explore, "and thank you/ I love this forest, and the music is some of my favorite. What music do you like?" She asked the girl and her mother, their older-younger twin-faced effect dazzling her for a moment. She laughed again.
"If you want to put on some of those, ah, symbols- it's like a lei, sort of, only it... helps you navigate the forest. Like a compass. And it helps keep bad stuff away..." Kitsunebi waved her hand toward a selection of necklaces and bracelets, woven, with symbols on them and medium-length tassels. The cord and grasses use to make them were of various colors and they smelled like hay and rain.
"There're portable snacks, if you want to munch while you walk?" the young woman giggled. "Like. raisins and nuts and caramel-bites and stuff. I'll be staying here, but the path is pretty straightforward, and if I leave the window open you can't go too far and get lost."
She swung open the shutter of the back window, revealing a pretty, almost garden-like area of forest with bushes, a little waterfall, and a lot of flowers. Stepping stones covered the path with a dim, dull-colored shimmer, and clouds floated above. A few benches were set out, and birds flocked past momentarily.
"Walk as much as you like! I'll be in and out, you know... oh, but of course you don't have to walk until you're ready, or at all. And there are a couple of rooms if you need to nap or something."
Aylssa Nicole Kennedy (played by LakotaSiouxWarrior)

"My daughter and i both enjoy powwow Music. The drums dancing and singing.". They both went to the table and checked out the braclets necklaces. They picked out a couple of each to wear. Aylssa spoke quietly "we are going to see your garden and explore the woods around your treehouse". They left together for a couple of hours. Off in the distance a red sunset illumated the sky. They came back and talked between them. Aylssa said softly "thats a great idea". Melissa sat at a table drawing and sketching. In 45 minutes she was done. Aylssa and melissa approched kitsu. Aylssa spoke first "melissa and i are heading back to our village thank you so much for sharing today with us". Melissa spoke next proudly "i drew 2 drawings for you to have. The first side a drawing of my village teepees by the river. The second side the trail from your tree to our village. You welcomed us today into your life. You will always be welcomed by my nation if you want to visit our village. I am going to frame this invitation and hang it next to my dreamcatcher". Aylssa and melissa then drank a couple more glasses of lemonade. Aylssa tells melissa "we are ready for our journey back to our village". Aylssa spoke once more "thanks again kitsu you gave my daughter and i so many treasured memories today". Melissa says "yes thanks kitsu i'll remember this when i am really old like a teenager". As aylssa and melissa made their way to the front door.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Kitsunebi thanked the woman and girl, and gently took the drawings. She laughed a little at the girl's assertion, and said "I'm glad!" before opening the door and waving them out. What a beautiful start to the celebration.

Goodbye, Alyssa and Melissa! <3 🌼 <3
The Madman (played by Burrito)

It knocked on the door, although it was slightly taller than the door itself. It simply stood there for a moment before pulling a few seemingly random bits of brass out of what looks like a pocket in it's cloak, piecing together the puzzle to amuse itself as it waited for the host to open the door. After all, it wouldn't be very polite to barge in to someone else's house, now would it? No, the creature would wait until it was allowed inside, and so it simply stood a few feet from the door, it's ever-present grin wide on it's face as it toyed with the puzzle it held.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The young woman bustled about, cleaning glasses and adjusting window shades and rearranging flowers, as well as adding a few more doilies, woven as mats, for a little extra flair. The rushes were almost as delicate as lace, but still strong: and a lovely color, besides, Kitsunebi thought.
Someone knocked on the door. Or something, perhaps. And an almost inaudible clicking noise could be heard, ticking away on her door-step...
She opened the door, a smile on her face, although the expression nearly wavered to one of surprise when she saw the tall creature standing there. He was shuffling patiently in place, and he seemed polite enough...
"Oh!" she breathed, grinning at his multitude of eyes. "Please do- come in! Can I get you anything?" she asked politely, gesturing toward the tables with drinks and food on them. "We have lots of kinds of things, here... And you can wander about the forest if you like, when you're ready, but I am sorry- you'll have to wear a specific amulet, hope you don't mind." She smiled winningly, and took a sip of water.

The breeze ruffled the leaves outside the house...
The Madman (played by Burrito)

It stepped inside, stooping to get through the doorway. "No need to trouble yourself with any of that, I can get it myself. And of course I don't mind, after all, I am a guest here." It said with a nod, taking a look around the area. "Very tastefully decorated, I must say. Did you do all this yourself?" It asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. "If so, that's very impressive!"

It moved towards the tables, the eyes on it's cloak closing. "Oh, and don't worry, these are just decorative. Usually." It said rather vaguely, sampling some of the food.
Oriana worked on a sword that she was going to use for training later that day. She was getting tired and needed a break. As if fate would have it, something blew against her hair and whipped around toward her face. Whatever it was smacked her in the face and stuck to it. Oriana peeled whatever it was off and looked at it.

"Hmmm..." she mumbled, looking at the object. It was a leaf, but it had writing on it. "This sounds fascinating." She looked around and read the writing on the leaf. She smiled and headed back to her house. "I guess I'll be having that break now!" She went inside her house and changed for the event. This was the first time in a while that Oriana had gotten invited to something like this.

She walked through the forest for a while and saw the house where the event was hosted. She knocked on the door, hoping that it wouldn't be too hot out for a summer gathering.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"Thank you, you're very polite," she said, smiling. "Yes, I did. Mostly."
She moved to an edge of the room. "Would you... have me... take your cloak?" She put a finger to her mouth and considered the cloak.
After making sure there was still plenty to drink on the table, the door was knocked on again, and Kitsu rushed to open it.
An elegant but strong-looking woman was standing there, waiting in the faint heat and light breeze of the day. Kitsunebi opened the door wider to let her in. "Welcome," said the woman, to the other, "to the Forest House. I'm pleased you came here. Has your journey been long?"
She beckoned with one hand toward the table, and the other toward the coatrack.

She smiled at her guests. "I'm Kitsunebi, but you can call me Kitsu, if you like." She nodded, interested, at their pleasantries, and poured a glass of lemonade and a glass of water. She respected the cloaked man's assurance of finding his own way in the refreshments, and shared the drinks with her newest guest.

Both of them were rather fine, yet also had a tone of shabbiness about them. It was a little odd, but nevertheless, seemed to suit them well. The stranger's eye'd cloak blinked every now and then; the other stranger's clothing seemed to move, slightly, almost with a wind of its own. Kitsunebi raised an eyebrow, blinked, and smiled at them both. She supposed she should choose an amulet shortly... they'd be needing them, she expected. And the sun would be down, eventually. The day was still warm, though. The sun still out. The flowers blooming on the trees, a cricket chirping, the clear window reflecting green and a lizard running by.
Oriana smiled at the hostess and entered the house. She looked around for a little bit and examined all of the decorations from a distance. She could not believe what she was seeing. Oriana was in awe. She looked at the hostess and nodded.

"Yes, it was a bit long," Oriana replied, "but I don't mind it sometimes. Oh, and I'm Oriana. It's a pleasure to meet you, Kitsu. I love what you've done with the place."

She took the glasses from Kitsu and smiled. Oriana then peeked at the tables and headed toward them. Again, she was astounded at the decorations and the feeling the house brought to her. She sighed as she walked. She knew she needed the break from that sword. Oriana was thirsty, so she took a sip of her water before finding a place to settle down from the long walk she had.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

"I'm glad to meet you, Oriana!" She beamed at the woman. "Thank you very much. Make yourselves comfortable. The fireflies may come out this evening, but they may not- whatever the case, you're welcome to stay as long as you like throughout the festival. Rules permitting." Kitsunebi gave a little wink and waved a finger as she said this last part.

She took a sip of lemonade, herself, and sat in a chair before standing up again and asking if they'd like a change to the music. Vivaldi was still playing, but it was no longer the Four Seasons. The notes of violin and cello and light harmonies of piano soared and floated through the room, at a medium volume. A cricket and a grasshopper outside chirped along in tune, softly, slowly. A cicada hummed. Some butterflies flew past.

"So, tell me if you will, Oriana, what are your pastimes when you aren't visiting the forest?" Kitsunebi asked curiously. She truly wondered, sometimes, what people did. She supposed it must be somehow worthwhile, mustn't it? She chuckled a little to herself. She didn't know what she'd do if she wasn't in the forest, but although she supposed she could find something, she wasn't sure she'd want to give this up. No, not at all...
Oriana chuckled and listened to the music, as well as Kitsu speaking to her. Usually, she wasn't one to talk much anyway. The music played and it rang in her ears. Oriana smiled as she listened to Kitsu and the music at the same time. She took a sip of her drink and nodded her head. "I enjoy the music very much. Thank you."

She then answered Kitsu's question as best as she could. "Well, I am a blacksmith, so I like to forge armor, shields, the usual. Other times, I like to walk around my town, gathering supplies. Fun things I like to do are reading and relaxing." She chuckled at herself. "I know they don't sound like fun activities. I try my best to make them fun, though."
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Kitsunebi grinned. "Glad you like it."

She looked over, a moment, at her other guest. At least some of his eyes were still looking around.

"Wow, being a blacksmith sounds amazing!" Kitsunebi said, returning to the conversation. "And hey, walking is great, I do it all the time... Reading! There are so many things I wouldn't know if it weren't for reading," she said thoughtfully. "They sound like perfectly fun activities, anyway. Personally, I like to decorate- I think you might have noticed that." She giggled a little, raised an eyebrow, and waved a hand slightly to her house. "Besides that, though, I read a lot, and I take walks, and sometimes I paint... Or weave. My sandals." She smiled, softly.

"I go into town sometimes, though... Or go here and there, the market or a friend's house, or whatnot... Oh, we can head outside when you're ready!" Kitsunebi said brightly, adding, "We can leave the door open, so I can hear if anyone knocks on this one. Uh, would you like to pick an amulet? Personally I'd recommend the anvil and hammer one, or the warhammer, but of course it's up to you. There are all sorts, besides the weaving, you know..." She beamed cheerfully. "Do you like birds? There are lots of birds... and, you know, that firefly show! It'll be really spectacular, tonight, I think."
Oriana smiled. "That would be lovely." She took a look at the amulets and picked up the warhammer one. It gave her more interest. She took a peek outside and nodded. "I'm all right with going outside." She followed Kitsu outside as they continued to talk.

Listening to Kitsu's hobbies interested Oriana. She had never met someone like the hostess of this soiree. She also took the opportunity to glance at some of the other guests at the event, nodding at them as she passed by them. She took a sip of her drink as she continued to walk and listen to Kitsu. When asked about birds, she shrugged. "It depends. I'm more of an eagle type than a swallow type. The small birds tend to pester me. The bigger ones, not so much."
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

The birds were twittering gently overhead, though they hushed slightly when the two women walked under them. Kitsunebi listened attentively as Oriana described her bird tastes.

"Hmm, so what about medium-sized birds?" She asked a little teasingly. "Are they just moderate? Still a dislike?" She laughed softly.
"Actually, I personally don't have a favorite bird... But I do feel a little differently about different sorts of animals. I think it makes sense. Although, moving on from birds, I suppose- Do you have any pets, or animal friends?"

The sun was sinking a little bit, lowering gently through the sky and sending beams angling higher through the trees. The light sparkled on the trees around them, leaves flitting and waving in the breezes, the sound of crickets and tree-creatures creaking and croaking through the late day, summer evening approaching. Soon the sun would set beyond the horizon, stars would come out, and the sky would change colors somewhat drastically. For now, though, the day was peaceful and serene, life all around. The trickling sounds of water approached their ears, and the scent of damp earth blew in on a damp wind.

"It's really calm here," Kitsu explained, "But sometimes it gets a little much, even still, so I go to sleep for a while, or go to the market. Or just take a walk somewhere else. Still- the sunset's pretty, isn't it?? She smiled, wide eyes closing a little at the sight of a flock of birds flying past. On their way home for the evening, she supposed. A bush rustled and a rabbit hopped out, dashing quickly out of sight and skittering through the leaves. A beetle buzzed by, clacking its wings.
The two women stood and breathed, and took in the sunlight and the wind. In the distance, a small light flickered.....
Oriana laughed. " depends."

She took another sip of her drinks and sighed. She smiled as the light flickered and she looked at Kitsu. "No pets at the moment. I would like to have one at some point. Right now, I'm just too busy to take care of a pet at the moment." She looked back at the sunset. "Yes. It is pretty."

Oriana continued to sip her drinks and looked out at the sight. It was a beautiful sight, something she hadn't seen in a while. She sighed a bit as she looked out into the horizon and drinking her drinks.
Kitsunebi (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Kitsu nodded, understanding about the pets. She could certainly relate. To a degree... Of course, living the forest, there were plenty of animals- enough to satisfy her, at least.
The fireflies began to flicker. Against the background of velvety dark trees, the soft deep leafy overhead swishing aside to reveal patches of bright, starry sky, the insects corresponed with each other in a series of bright and beautiful flashing lights. The undulating golden wave rippled like the water nearby, and the soft sounds of crickets and cicadas was a low rushing burr. As the moon rose, and the sun dipped its very last bit into the distance, the horizon cleared and revealed a last few animals skuttering about.
A bat flapped overhead, then a few more. Bright moths came to dance above the fireflies and their light. And an owl cooed in the distance.
Under the twinkling stars, the wind rushed by, cool and smooth and rain-scented, and just as a rumble of thunder passed by it was accompanied by the howl of a wolf in the distance.

"They won't hurt you," Kitsunebi said suddenly. "I don't know if you'd be afraid of them in the first place, but there's no need for you to be. They won't hurt you, or me, for that matter." She smiled, and then nodded toward the amulet that Oriana wore.
Fireflies fluttered around them, and a few flickered around toward Oriana. "Golden," Kitsunebi said softly, and smiled.
They stood watching, for several moments, in the soft night. The wind blew past; a few raindrops spattered them as it went by, and a fresh dark smell followed. The hollows of the forest were full of life, and Kitsunebi stood tall and still next to her warrior companion; she stretched a little, then turned and smiled. The fireflies, dispersed a little, were bobbing and humming after the slight disturbance of the rain. They spun a circle, and swished a little further into the darkness. The moon rose a little higher, smoothly, behind the treetops. The owls hooted again.
"The journey will be long, I think, if you do not leave until morning." Kitsunebi said cheerily, with a wry little half smile. She gestured toward the house, and said "There are spare beds, if you want to stay. Leaving after nightfall would almost certainly make for an interesting journey, but perhaps that particular adventure is best to be avoided, for now. You're free to sleep here if you like."
Taking the woman's arm, she turned, and between the golden orange glow of the house in the twilight, and the yellow-bright spatter of fireflies, the two women walked under the trees and toward the house.
"Would you care for a cup of tea? I have mint..." Said Kitsu.

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