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Kys'Jarok (played by Riik)

It is a time of species inter-connectivity across the galaxy. Once quiet regions of space are now filled with traffic and complexes as a multitude of civilisations converge to trade and socialise. Even the system of Sol is not spared such activity. Though still primarily a human society, the people of Terra are beginning to see the onset of alien immigration. But aside from those few permanent residents from across the stars, mny alien visitors arrive in the system day-to-day for a multitude of purposes.

Earth may now be an entirely urbanised place with a carefully regulated artificial weather system, but there is still summer to be had. Particularly in the lunar-orbital leisure space station Luna Spa-12, whose four humongous bio-domes have been perfectly set up with a different form of historic Earthly summers. Dome 4 in particular has been engineered to emulate a mild 20th-century European summer, perfect for physical activity.

On the central directory of 'outdoor' leisure activities is an event labelled Kys'Jarok's Freeform Spiritual Experience. Upon selecting the activity, the following information is displayed:


Greetings, beings of the cosmos!

Are you looking for a social gathering free of excessive noise and overbearing party atmosphere? Look no further! Set up by the ancient master of martial arts and meditation Kys'Jarok, the Freeform Spiritual Experience provides you with everything you need to truly relax!

Whether you seek a communal place to practice yoga, martial arts exercise or sparring with a multitude of provided practice weaponry, or just a place to meditate, then look no further!

Feel free to socialise with your fellow spiritualists, whatever your religion - or lack thereof. Just follow one golden rule: keep your voice down to minimum requirements.

Facilities include a refreshment stand, practice mats, 100% safe practice weaponry, simple exercise equipment and even a selection of hammocks! As well as free access to training, meditation advice and spiritual philosophy discussion from Kys'Jarok themselves!

No payment required! All beings are welcome, provided they do not disturb the peace.

Find us down Path C, Branch 5, straight at the end!

If your species wears footwear for a reason not related to the comfort of other lifeforms, please remove your shoes once you reach the end of the path and place them in one of the provided lockers.



All races are welcome! If you are playing a fantasy creature, you are required to play them as an alien species not native to Earth. There is no magic in this setting, but abilities that resemble magic that can be explained away through some sort of act of biology, physics or technology are allowed.

With the massive dome of projector screens overlooking the indistinguishably artificial grass of the dome's springy floor, lit up by a near-perfect rendering of the summer sky of pre-space-age Earth, complete with drifting clouds, Kys'Jarok was ready to open their event. Whilst they could neither appreciate the technological marvel of the fake sky nor enjoy the artificially-produced scents of summer-time nature, they were still fully able to appreciate the gentle breeze that brushed through their creamy white fur. The semi-circle of open-fronted tents were set. Various practice mats were arranged neatly in the space between them, and the refreshment cart was stocked with fresh beverages and food, specifically picked so as not to overwhelm the senses or fill bodies with unnecessary additives. Positioned between the trees that dotted around the borders of the allotted space Kys had rented were a selection of hammocks for those who needed to take a break, or simply just wanted to rest and take in the summer-like atmosphere under the artificial birdsong, soft murmuring of the other potential participants and distant noises of the other events, spas and festivals currently set up in the dome.

With a soft grin on their face, Kys lifted their wrist computer to their lips. "Computer," they said. "Declare Kys'Jarok's Freeform Spiritual Experience open."

Feeling an internal tingling of excitement at the prospect of providing other beings with a refreshing and wholesome summer activity, Kys calmly walked over to the centre of the semi-circle and sat down with their legs crossed, hands resting on their lap with interlocked fingers. Ears pricked for the sounds of visiting beings. They couldn't help but wonder who would be first to make their way down to the end of the cobblestone pathway that led to the plot Kys's set-up occupied.

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Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

"How long do we have?" Siie asked, standing there a bit timidly with one arm over her midsection to grasp her other arm awkwardly.

"Daddy said we're not leaving until tomorrow," Cyr responded as she browsed through the directory of the Luna Spa-12. "So we have all day."

"What are you looking for?" Siie asked, with her attention routinely distracted by the many alien passerbys.

"I don't know...I was kind of hoping to find a Rad*Rel's," Cyr claimed with a dropped brow, double downing on her search through the directory. The first pass hadn't surfaced anything, so she had begun a second, this time combing the options more carefully.

"I really don't think they’re going to have radioactive treatments here, Cyr," the timid teal girl claimed with serious doubt.

"Probably not....guess radio flaking is out of the-....hey how about this?" Cyr said with sudden Enthusiasm. She pointed to the option as Siie maneuvered to her side, looking at the option more closely. Reading much of Kys' advertisements out loud, Cyr's voice grew more intensely excited as she spoke. Siie, however, slowly turned her head to Cyr with a look of disbelief.

"Well that sounds fun for you," Siie retorted sarcastically.

"Actually it made me think of you," Cyr responded with much excitement in her voice. "You like things quiet and boring and you could sure use the training."

"I...I dunno....I mean I don't really like to fight and mother would probably get mad if someone else was teaching me," Siie worked on making her excuses backing up a step and staring at the screen almost offended looking.

"No she won't....every Voldarian strives to learn from everyone they can, you should know that," Cyr rationalized, "besides it's not just for fun, it's for safety and tradition, plus it says 100% safe."

"I guess so," Siie said, slowly accepting the fact that her sister really was right about her claims. She knew it was just that she did not want to do it, but then maybe she could shove the combat off on Cyr....she knew her sister would revel in the opportunity to compete. Maybe she could just take advantage of those refreshments and hammocks.

"Look it says you can practice spiritualism," Siie pointed out both verbally and physically as she turned to look timidly at her sister. "Maybe you can get Lykka to forgive your previous transgressions," the girl mused with a small smile as she looked back to her sister. Cyr's face fell flat, clearly unamused by her sisters’ comment.

"I have no previou-,"

"Last week you were booty dancing with Shyna," Siie pointed out, "...and I have heard you singing before when you were playing your guitar."

Cyr sat in a stunned silence as she took in the comments. It was true, though she didn't really think the booty dancing counted, it certainly wasn’t the same style as Voldarian dancing. Still, picturing her mother booty dancing was a difficult, if amusing, thought. Regardless it seemed like a way to get Siie down Path C Branch 5. She smiled a moment, an awkward devilish smile as she thought to herself, she may just spar with Siie herself now.

"Right," Cyr replied, reaching out and grabbing Siie's hand. "Come on then, a combat lesson for you and a dose of spiritualism for me, and we can get flaked when we get home."

Siie nodded, and the pair turned, walking off hand in hand towards path C, destined for Kys' combat entertainment area.

It was only moments later the pair walked with footfalls on the cobblestone walkway towards the destination that Cyr was pointing out as their destination. Siie immediately noticed the refreshment area, the hammocks, and scanned the area for other electronics she might distract herself with. Cyr, on the other hand, let her pink eyes fall directly on Kys who sat directly in front of her, even if a distance yet. She stopped and squinted, more of an instinct than anything as she attempted to scan them. She couldn’t help but to notice they lacked eyes, an ordinarily important feature in sparing. She suddenly had the feeling she was in that movie she saw about the martial artist who taught a child in unconventional ways when Siie, who was looking to the side, walked directly into her backside.

Cyr stumbled as did Siie, and Cyr quickly turned to help catch her sister, and then their eyes were both on Kys. After a few awkward seconds of the sisters still holding onto each other, Siie whispered in Cyr’s direction, clearly thinking Kys wouldn’t be able to hear her. “Cyr….are his eyes gone?”

“I think so,” Cyr replied calmly and quietly.

“How can he fight if he can’t see?” Siie asked, looking curiously at her older sister. Cyr’s head slowly turned to look at her younger teal sister.

“There are more senses than vision, sister,” Cyr responded, then released Siie and walked up before Kys slowly and methodically. Siie trailed along, remaining shyly behind Cyr as she proceeded, even when they stopped remaining behind the protection of her older sister, or so she appeared anyway.

“Greetings,” Cyr stated firmly, yet kindly, “I am Cyr, and this is my sister Siie.” Cyr stood relatively still, not gesturing toward her sister and instead remaining mostly still, figuring it didn’t much matter for an individual without the capability of vision. The secondary reasoning was observance, hoping to ascertain whether or not this individual was capable of seeing in a different manner.

“Are you Kys’Jarok?” Cyr asked sweetly, “The host of this event?”
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

It was hard to quantify what others found more unnerving. To see an eyeless face gazing back at them, or to be addressed by an individual not turning to face them in the first place. The latter happened to be most convenient for Kys; thus they barely moved as the first potential participants arrived. It also, of course, served to add an air of mystery to them. Sighted beings seemed to find the concept of others not moving to greet them in a situation such as this an odd choice of behaviour.

The only initial indication Kys was even awake, let alone paying attention, was a flicker of their ears, ending up in a more upright position than previously. But their attention was confirmed when they spoke. "I am the Kys'Jarok," they confirmed. "Think of me more as... a guide. A tutor. Or a friend. Whichever you so need. Unless you are here on an official staff capacity, in which case, yet, I am the host. But from the displays of youth in your speech patterns and postures, I assume that is not the case. Take a seat. Though it is not truly alive, the ground here is no less welcoming than the earth of a planet."

Kys's tone at first suggested they were done talking, but they hastily added a further comment. "But first, for the sake of keeping the mats clean and preventing any unfortunate injuries, I would appreciate it if you removed your shoes."
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

The girls stared at Kys as they spoke, exchanging looks as they did without reacting. As Kys spoke, Cyr's face began twisting into a smile, she liked this individual so far, and certainly liked friends too. She was glad he was already willing to consider the idea of friendship. Siie on the other hand only continued to stare a bit nervously, making more glances to Cyr than vice versa.

"Oh!" Cyr said with genuine surprise in her voice. She immediately reached down and used her thumb and finger to press against the front of her shoe. Her fingers glowed a slight pink as she released the material in an almost zipper-like fashion and removed her shoe revealing a very human looking foot, complete with the girly pink polished toenails. Siie, on the other hand, seemed a bit more annoyed at the concept of removing her shoes, calling her sisters name under her breath with a sigh before finally bending down to begin removing hers as well. Cyr immediately held hers up, projecting a pink base of energy beneath them and floating them off to the side with a low bassey hum that only the best ears could likely make out. Siie decided to simply take the two steps and set hers beside her sisters before walking back behind Cyr while yet eying Kys suspiciously.

"We're very sorry about that," Cyr said as she made her way to the ground before Kys, sitting on her knees with her lower legs behind her beneath her bottom. Siie slowly and more awkwardly made the same maneuver to the ground beside, and a little behind, her sister....with far less grace and speed. "I remember reading about the shoes I just....forgot," she claimed looking downward momentarily before eyeing up towards them to analyze their face. As she did, she felt relatively certain in her observations they were unable to see, and seeing their ears moved, presumed hearing was their method of 'seeing'. While Siie was easily the more intelligent between the two, this hadn't yet occurred to her.

"I like friends," Cyr said cheerfully, with a smile on her face, "But.....we were hoping you might be able to help my sister." Hearing Cyr's into, Siie deeply sighed, breaking her view of Kys and looking with her eyes down and to the side. "We come from a race of warriors, trained from very young in many styles of combat, but she.....well...." Cyr said looking compassionately over to Siie. How did she say 'My sister is an awful warrior' without offending her? "She has....struggled," she continued, looking back to Kys once more.

It was a moment of silence as Cyr awaited an answer before Siie interjected, welcomed or not. "....And my sister cannot make peace with her Goddess, she seems to offend her every day," Siie said softly with her eyes buried in the ground. Even if Kys had had eyes, she wouldn't have spoken while making eye contact with them, nor would she have spoken any louder.

"One thing at a time, Siie," Cyr whispered softly, reaching over with her hand and taking Siie's forearm gently in her hand for several seconds.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys remained in place patiently, listening to what the girls had to say. "What stands between you and your goddess is beyond my reach," Kys explained softly. "I can help you prepare your mind for meditation, but religious matters themselves are something only you can work out. As for combat technique... know that I am not a warrior. Or at least, I do not identify as such. I have used my abilities for combat purposes in the past, yes, but first and foremost, I practice for meditative purposes."

The corner of Kys's mouth twitched a little, momentarily revealing a large, sharp, feline-esque tooth. "I can teach you, of course, but there's no guarantee that for my teachings to be a success, we would not have to start at the absolute basics. Or... I can simply act as a sparring partner. Don't worry though, I will keep aggressive action to a minimum and adapt to your pace."

Only Kys's battered red scarf seemed to move as they waited for the response. The frayed fabric told the stories of countless adventures. As the only item of clothing that Kys wore, it clearly held sentimental value. The gentle artificially-produced wind caused it to flutter slightly, whilst Kys themselves remained so still that if not for the similarly-shifting fur, they might have been a statue.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

"Oh...." Cyr said with a little disappointment in her voice. Despite her resistance to her sisters suggestion she seek religious council, Cyr had secretly hoped this would be a fruitful endeavor to that end. Caught in between cultures as she was, she had never quite determined what to do with her religious expectations and cravings. Of course, this wasn't something she was going to admit to her sister at this point.

Siie eyed over to Cyr expectantly, awaiting her to make the decision for them both as she most likely would.

"I will spar with you," Cyr said happily. "And after that maybe you could see if there's something you could teach Siie?" It was phrased obviously as a question, likely intentionally.

"Or we could try the meditating," Siie interrupted, to which Cyr looked over at her a bit concerningly. "Or even test out the refreshments and hammocks we read about." Her eyes never looked toward Kys, most of the statement they remained down toward the ground away from her sister. It was only near the end she looked over to her sister to meet her exasperated look, which clearly was all the statement Cyr needed to say.

After a few seconds of staring in hope, the teal girl finally sighed in defeat. "Or I guess we can do that stuff after," she claimed with a disappointed tone.

Cyr reached over and rubbed her sisters back, pulling her a little closer and trying to comfort her. "It will be good for you," Cyr said nicely as she rubbed Siie, who allowed herself to wobble as it happened showing her disconnection with what was happening.

Looking back to Kys, Cyr continued smiling and comforting her sister. "Are we permitted to wear our shoes while sparring?" she asked Kys, prepared to stand up if they did.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

"The goal of sparring for exercise or spiritual purposes is not to cause harm, but to find oneness, be it with an energy, deity or one's own body," Kys explained, standing upright. There was an uneasiness about how they stood up, but it wasn't the struggle of ancient master with ageing muscles or bones. In fact, it more resembled that of an unbalanced child - a blind one with little perception of the world around them. It was, from an outside perspective, difficult to work out whether it was a deception or whether the difficulties were something Kys could somehow overcome when things called for action. Regardless, it did not match the calm confidence Kys seemed to display in their abilities. "So no, you may not wear your shoes, unless you have a particular reason why you should be exempt from this rule," they continued, casually slipping off their wrist computer. "In fact, for the sake of sparring, I would prefer if you removed any object from your person that is hard or jagged. Including any jewellery. I would rather you not get hurt from an unluckily-positioned fall."

Kys stumbled over toward one of the tents. "If you would prefer a weapon, there are practice ones in here," they said as they approached. "Composite-rubber-coated, but capable of applying force. As long as you avoid sensitive areas, they should not cause injury, but should still be effective at knocking your opponent off-balance. As for your belongings, there are lockers with bio-locks near the pathway. Valuables should be safe in there. Once you pick a locker and lock it, only your fingerprint may unlock it."

Kys stopped in waiting by the tent, either for Cyr to put her things away and return for a weapon, or else do the former but instead request preference for an unarmed match.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Cyr observed Kys closely as they stumbled to their feet, following suit in standing though in a more graceful way. She didn't appear to even notice the stumble, not reacting to it in any particular way while she reached her feet. Siie, who stood a little less daintily than Cyr, opened her jaw a little and furrowed her brow. She looked over to Cyr a moment as Kys stumbled and stared a few seconds at her sister.

It was then she suddenly felt like a third wheel. Cyr showed her own confidence as she seemed to examine Kys in preparation for their battle. Kys also showed no evidence in much of their mannerisms. She knew Cyr's abilities and despite only just meeting Kys, she got a sense they were at least as good as Cyr's, perhaps even greater. Of course, her own perception of her sisters abilities came under bias for her own opinion.

"Melee combat is where we should start, we can add weapons later if we would like to," Cyr stated with a smile as she picked up her shoes and began walking after Kys. The way she spoke seemed unlike a warrior preparing for a sparring match, and was perhaps more synonymous to a girl deciding which store to go to in the mall.

While Cyr inwardly doubted she would hurt herself, she certainly wasn't about to argue the point. In fact, she would likely follow whatever rules for sparring were laid down by this individual provided they didn't seem unfair. It was their house of training after all, and an excellent opportunity to learn how this alien's race made combat....for any purpose.

Siie retrieved her shoes and quickly moved to keep up with the pair, who had fallen into line beside one another as they walked. As they proceeded, Cyr removed her blade hilts from the netted wrist guards one at a time, and placed one in each of her shoes. She then removed the wrist guard itself by energizing the ends with her fingertips to relieve enough pressure for them to slip gently off. Her forearms felt oddly bare, and if it weren't for her many items occupying her hands entire capacity, she would likely have rubbed that weird feeling off of them.

"Siie?" Cyr questioned as they stopped, turning to look at her sister a moment. "Can you-?" She asked before Siie physically cut her off. She knew what Cyr wanted, and immediately outstretched her arms to collect the wholeness of her items in her arms. "Thank you."

Siie moved over and gave her sister a simple kiss on the lips, which Cyr returned in kind. "You owe me," Siie claimed with a half smile before turning and making her way down the path to stow Cyr's items as well as her own shoes in the locker. While she was there she removed her own weapons and wristguards as well, placing them in the locker before making her return to Kys and Cyr.

"I ask for no exceptions," Cyr announced with her own calm confidence now, "nor do I believe I qualify for any. There is only shame in an unfair fight." Cyr smiled again, walking a bit closer to Kys, close enough either one could reach out and touch the other quite easily, then stood there.

"For that reason, I will not use energy against you....that is, unless you have an ability that parallels it....then I will only use static energy so I do not harm you," Cyr explained with her voice not softening any due to the proximity. She was not loud, necessarily, but her voice hadn't lost decibels as a result of nearing to Kys.

Siie returned, keeping her distance as she was traditionally used to anytime she observed these fights in her own newly developing culture, or in her mother's long standin culture either. "Are you ready?" Cyr asked with a rather sweet tone and smile about her. Should Kys move into combat placement, Cyr would follow suit, standing where instructed or where she thought she was expected to be.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys moved across the space with a look to their mouth and ears that suggested concentration, like they were counting their steps. They even held their arms out as though feeling for obstacles. It was an unfair tactic to employ... but it served to teach a lesson on judgement.

Kys ended up standing on one side of one of the practice mats and waited for Cyr to take the other. "You may use non-lethal energy attacks if you wish, though I have nothing to counter them with..." They entered an oddly unready-looking stance. But this time, it was not of the same kind of deception as their earlier attempts at appearing vulnerable. Kys was well-practised in moving from an unprepared position. A master of combat of similar prestige could probably turn the tactic into a disadvantageous one, but in turn, such an event would also serve a useful purpose in helping Kys gauge their opponent's skill. The benefit to this stance, though, was to give nothing away. No intentions, no information on fighting style, not even their own skill level. It was perfect to see just how well Cyr could deal with the unexpected. "Just be careful not to hit anything or anyone beyond the fight with them. Though if you wish to attempt to match me without them, be my guest."

Kys gave a bow of their head. A gesture entirely for Cyr's benefit, given they could not see to determine whether it was returned or not. "You may commence. Show me what you have got." The only change to their posture as they raised their head again was moving their lower arms behind their back and interlocking their hands. The upper pair remained slack at their sides.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

"As I said," Cyr stated with a hint of irritation in her voice as she moved into position, "if you have nothing to counter with, then I will not use them. I have no interest in an unfair advantage." Her voice sounded mildly insulted by the concept, and her words revealed the possibility she saw through the unfair tactic Kys employed and moved to make him feel guilty about it. Not common of a Voldarian, but definately common for a Human.

She stood across from Kys, monitoring their kind of couch potato preparation for combat curiously. Cyr, on the other hand, took her own combat stance. Standing to the side she held one arm towards Kys with the other behind her, each with open hands that were half closed. Her feet lifted an inch off the ground, and she floated there, ready to proceed, yet stalling for several moments, the light hum of her energy only audible to the best ears in the universe.

Even after Kys allowed her to commence, Cyr waited....stalling and staring without expression beyond the vastly instinctive return nod as she determined her first move, or perhaps awaiting theirs. This lasted several moments with Siie simply exchanging glances between the two before Cyr finally reacted.

Blasting out of her spot, she dashed on float toward's Kys at an incredible speed, one which strongly suggested she wasn't pulling punches because of Kys' apparent blindness. Her path led her in an ark as she came around towards Kys' left side. In the last instant, she crossed over towards their right, spinning inward and bringing her leg quickly around the other side of her body, aiming her heel directly for Kys' stomach area.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys had expected something they could simply casually step out of the way of. Thus, they were pleasantly surprised at the display of speed. But ultimately, Cyr was still young. There was little Kys was unprepared for when it came to close-quarters combat. It would take a veteran to force them to exert themselves, and a master to offer them a challenge. Or a gun. There was little Kys could do against a gun without their specialised weapons.

In a fluid motion that looked slower and simpler than it actually was because of the smoothness, Kys hopped out of the way of the attack. It wasn't the simple step they were hoping to employ as part of their lesson on judgement, but as dodges went, it was still very much a low-effort one. Unburdened by sight, Kys had no ability to mask their facial expression outside of attempts at maintaining stillness. As they were not doing that currently, a broad smile overtook their face.

Kys had hopped into a similarly rigid stance, though it was certainly less casual than before. There was an alertness to it, like a ninja standing with their legs closed together. Their scarf fluttered into place after them.

Still, Kys made no aggressive move. They waited for Cyr to try again. With the gap closed, if Cyr could keep up this level of skill, Kys knew they would have to put a little more effort into things now.

((* Details of this combat and skill comparisons have been decided upon via private message.))
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Cyr was not, in fact, surprised Kys had completely dodged the attack. She had suspected there was more to them than they led on, considering they were running their own little sparring area, not to mention it was their idea to spar. In fact, it would have surprised Cyr if she had nailed Kys without them dodging entirely. Still, Cyr knew she had come in very quickly, and the fact Kys dodged the attack entirely was impressive.

With this in her thoughts as she swung, she was prepared for a follow up from the beginning. Kys dodged out of the way, and Cyr’s leg flew into the air, and was immediately redirected downward and landing directly onto the ground. She then shifted her weight backwards, once again towards Kys and brought her nearest (right) elbow around in an instant towards their head in a quick follow up. Her body prepared to twist and both arm and leg on the other side of her body (left) prepared to follow up this quick attack.

Cyr’s own expression had a hint of a smile as she made her attacks as well, generally increasing in lulls between swings. It was nothing Kys was doing, necessarily, she seemed to simply be enjoying herself. Siie, on the other hand, stared more at Kys’ large smile with a furrowed brow, unsure what the expression meant. She was used to the jovial attitude Cyr brought to battle with her most times, but Kys’ sudden apparent amusement seemed more odd to her.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

As the sparring continued, Kys's grin softened from one of amusement to one of enjoyment. Even mismatched against a much younger and less-experienced opponent, they were enjoying themselves. But then for Kys, it was never about the contest. It was about the dance. The energy. The exercise.

Kys's responses switched between dodges and deflections. Impressed that they could not dodge every attack thrown by one so young. Even so, the deflections were fairly gentle and basic. Though Kys's fighting style was one of fluidity and minimalism in general - at least without their staff - their actions were all the more lethargic and effortless-looking. More effort did go into them than it appeared, but it was certainly a vast contrast to Cyr's attacks.

And thus was how Kys continued for a while, all the while keeping their lower arms held behind their back. After all, Cyr had mentioned fairness.

After maybe a minute, Kys finally began to introduce counters to their defensive moves. Small shoves at first. They avoided using their feet for anything, given the advantage their prehensile toes offered. That was all brought to an end when Kys this time countered a kick by grabbing Cyr's ankle and dodging at the same time, potentially dragging her off her original course and unless corrected in time, pulling her down to the ground.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Cyr’s attacks continued beyond that of the first follow up swings. Her attacks were incredibly fast and responsive, with her seeming to have to think little about how she would proceed with the next one. Still, they lacked the precision that Kys, or her mother, or another master warrior might portray. The addition of Kys’ countering attacks, pathetic* as she knew they were, was something Cyr enjoyed seeing. Just making the attempt to strike Kys was not nearly as enjoyable as dodging and maneuvering around their counters as well, even if they were only light shoves most often.

Eventually, Kys took her foot in a turnaround kick she employed like she had in the beginning. Kys then apparently relocated her momentum and she felt herself falling. Instead of making corrective action, she allowed it to happen, feigning that she had lost balance and simply fumbled to the ground. In truth, she was hoping this was an opportunity for Kys to let their guard down and provide her with a decent hit.

As she fell towards the ground, she turned and pointed her arms downward as if to catch herself. Before she reached the ground, she projected a blast of energy on the ground, and simultaneously swung her opposite leg and hip around in an attempt to both pull her first leg free, and use her opposite leg as a follow up kick in the direction of Kys’ head. The spin came quickly, and with intent. If the attack worked or not, she would likely put enough distance between to two to collect herself, or at least be ready for their next attack.

(*The term pathetic when related to Kys’ attacks does not relate to their skill level in said attacks, it refers to the fact Cyr realizes they aren’t attacking back with their complete skill level)
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys was already out of the way by the coming of the counter-attack, but only barely. What was for certain was that their guard was down for that moment, and if they hadn't dodged it by happenstance, it might well have connected. The fact was that they had already started moving away before checking Cyr's status, and were quite pleased by how close it was. Kys could have followed up and pinned Cyr down if they so wanted. But they didn't want the fight to end on that note, and it allowed Cyr the moment of glory of almost catching Kys out.

Even so, Kys still ended up landing unscathed across the mat. They still uncoupled their lower arms, and still stated the question: "How is your curiosity?"

It wouldn't be fair to end the fight without giving Cyr a taste of what a master could do. And to show Siie what she could possibly get a taste of learning from.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

The fact was, Cyr had already seen what a master warrior could do, and so had Siie. They both had been taught by one, with on sister taking the teachings quite aptly, while the other seemed to prefer pursuing other interests and only learning any of it because her mothers culture demanded it, especially in women. Regardless, seeing what another master warrior could do was something at least one of them would be terribly interested in.

Cyr quickly made her way to her feet, though exhibited no intentions of attacking Kys again. Hearing the question, and seeing their arms uncouple, she took this as a moment beside the fight, in which it would be shameful for her to proceed attacking. Her arms fell down beside her and she smiled a moment, dropping her brow at the question curiously. "My curiosity?" Cyr asked with genuine confusion, "What do you mean?"

With her arms down, she walked a few steps closer to Kys. It was clear she wasn't sweating, and nor did she seem out of breath, traits passed down to her from her mother. "Am I curious how long you've been fighting? Yes, actually...." Cyr said with a large sweet smile on her face. This was accompanied by glaringly curious eyes staring at Kys expectantly.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys somewhat casually fell onto their hand and pushed themselves up into a one-armed handstand. They twisted their body one way for a moment, then used the momentum to spin the other, helicoptering their legs as they went, pushing off the ground after a couple of revolutions and landing back on their feet. "Actually, I was wondering whether you would be curious to experience the full brunt of my abilities," Kys said, sounding as calm and as gentle in breath as though they had been sitting down through the entire length of the fight. "Or at least, as full as I can get without causing pain or injury. After my.... actually, I lost count of how many years of practice I have after about 200 Earth years."
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

"Absolutely," Cyr responded gleefully. Hearing they had 200 years of training experience was an exciting thought, it meant Kys was on a level Cyr strove to achieve. "But do not worry about causing pain or injury, Voldarians believe that-"
"Cyr," Siie piped up suddenly in a concerned tone, staring hard at her sister who glanced back at her. Siie looked a moment to Kys before looking back to Cyr. "It's not the human way. Father will be very upset if you get hurt," Siie said to her sister using the Voldarian native language.

After staring for several seconds, Cyr realized her sister was right. She slowly turned back to look at Kys with a straight face this time. "Okay, as full as you can get without causing pain or injury," she said before smiling once again and taking her same battle stance.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys's stance was more athletic this time. More ready. But then of course it was. They were preparing to attack. They gave Cyr a few seconds to prepare... then charged forward.

It wasn't the speed that was impressive. At least not for any reason other than their apparent age. Any comparable athlete at their prime could match it. They were, after all, a being of a height of 4'5", with feet built for climbing and a lean but not particularly muscular physique. It was the combination of that speed with the unreadability of an aged master and a combined knowledge of a multitude of forms of martial arts.

At first, Kys appeared to be going for a head-on charge, but at the last second swerved. It wasn't a change of direction so much as a side-step. However as they came to seemingly pass Cyr's position, their thick tail flicked out toward her stomach. Simultaneously, Kys reached out a foot in an attempt to grab hold of her leg with their prehensile toes and as their body swerved around behind her, push a hand into the centre of her chest in an attempt to force her over backward. And whilst indeed, force was applied with the move, it almost all occurred after the collision. To prevent any bludgeoning injury.
Cyr (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Kys' tail made it’s way towards Cyr, and in response, she floated off the ground and pushed herself quickly off to the side to avoid it in a fluid snap move that appeared more than second nature to her. As she did, she pulled her legs inward slightly and turned as Kys made their way past her, leaving her legs far enough away to avoid being grabbed by them. This time rather than driving headlong into battle as she had in their previous match, Cyr floated quickly backward several feet and stayed there, furrowing her brow at the suddenly awkward dance. She deciding to wait and see what Kys might do next, preparing for their next incoming attack.

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