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Own (played by DeeDay)

It was hard to see where the spaceship is making its way towards, specially between all those lights flickering. All of the people in room are dead. He finally makes himself in front of the commanding machine to take control of the spaceship.

30 years of being a pirate in this galaxy was getting collapsed. He doesn't even know who attacked the spaceship and what did they got hit by, he is just trying to take control of the spaceship. The shouts of other crew members can be heard from the central room. Seems they are fighting with something and struggling to beat it. He sets the spaceship into auto-pilot mode, holds the chair to lift his body up. He feels a little pain on his belly, probably an injury. He moves his body towards his handgun and takes it after making sure it's fully reloaded and ready to shoot.

What's happening outside of this room? Anything would be happening.

((Just take a Sci-fi character and jump in, use your creativity, everyone is welcome.))
((Wondering of this is still open.))

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