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Chaeya Spire (played anonymously)

Welcome to the Entrance Exam!

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  • Godmodding Rule: You may godmod your opponents unless you are against another roleplayer. If you would like to be matched against someone else, please ask and I can find you someone! If we can’t find anyone, I can use my “NPC” character to fight against you. If you do not wish to fight against someone else, you will be clarified as fighting a robot in the exam - probably earning you less points, but you don’t have to wait for someone’s post as you will control it. If someone else would like to create an npc character to lessen my load, please do! The help would be much appreciated. As for the teams, please private message me or you will be able to control your teammates.


Roleplaying as the Headmaster

Principal Trenton D. Wattson watched unsmiling as the hopeful children filed in. All of them thought that they had a chance to be a hero, and it hurt his heart to know that not all of them could fulfill their dreams. As they had all had come from the written exam (not to be rped, but you may reference it), some seemed beaten down while others seemed to be losing focus. He better keep this speech brief, or one of them would fall asleep right then and there’s.

“Ok!” he said into the microphone, “Listen up, kids!” The students suddenly stopped their murmuring to listen to the tall man. “Welcome to the Entrance Exam. And, hopefully, Welcome to Wattson!” He heard some distant cheers and claps from the crowd and bowed, “Thank you, thank you. Now I see that you have all come from the written exam. Probably tired, right? Well, you better stretch and loosen up, for the psychical is about to begin!”

At that, the crowd let up a deafening roar, and he had to cover his ears. “Quiet down, quiet down,” he laughed, “Now let me go over the rules.” The screen behind him suddenly lit up, about to show a video matching his words during his speech.

“Contestants will pair up into teams - no, you don’t get to pick, we have already set them up for you. Teams will be consisted of four students. After you meet your teammates, socialize a little bit, you will be sent into the training area, which has been designed to look like a city. There will be people pretending to be citizens - if they get hurt, points will be taken off - and there’s will be... villains. But no real ones. The villains are another set of students, unless you specifically request a team of robots. While robots are an option, you will get less points and it will be less real than a regular battle. Depending on the side you go in - left or right - you will either be put as a hero or a villain. Choose wisely which opponents you would like. Then, your team will be scattered around the arena. You will fight the other team, trying to group up. The hero team will be the ones scattered, the villain team will be trying to prevent the hero team from regrouping. You may capture the other team, but make sure they don’t escape. A captured team does not count as regrouped unless all of them are free. Once an hour elapses or the hero team regroups, time will be over.”

The principal stepped off the stage, but as an afterthought he returned back to the mic. “Oh, and good luck.” The crowd clapped and cheered once more, and teams were set up. The students filed into the training arena two teams at a time: Hero and villain. “Let the games begin,” Wattson murmured, remembering a movie that he had seen long ago.

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