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Chaeya Spire (played anonymously)

Welcome to Superhero High!

Hello and welcome to Superhero High! This is some basic information to get you started with the roleplay. If you have any questions, want to join in, or have problems with a link or photo, please private message me for I would love to help you!


Here are our wonderful attendees! If you would like to join, please private message me!

  • Students: Chaeya Spire, Aki Gale, Kylar Baur, Sam Love, Yasushi Shiora, Houka Suzakura
  • Staff: NPC, Jin Takamoto
  • NPCs: NPC, The Merchant of Death

Events and Battles

Ready to rumble? Once you join, take the Entrance Exam and we can get started.


Since this is a roleplay for all ages, there must be some rules to follow. The basic site rules still apply, but with tweaks and additions for better roleplay. Please actually read the rules and not skip over them, as they are very important.

  • Godmodding- you are allowed to godmod villains, teachers, and background characters with exceptions. You are still, however, not alowed to godmod others’ characters. Before you godmod a non player character (npc), first private message me a short description of the character so that I can approve. There will also be a character called “NPC” that I control. You are allowed to godmod NPC, but don’t do anything major like announcing a field trip or dismissing class. If you do want to do that, please private message me for permission first. NPC also has multiple characters, so please specify which character it is. If there are any issues with godmodding, I will private’s message you and we will work something out. As this will probably happen often with the non player characters, don’t sweat it!
  • Violence- because this is a fighting roleplay, there is bound to be some violence. However, because this is open to all ages, please limit your violence! Extreme violence is okay to do, but please think of others before you write. If you think someone may be disturbed, you should probably cut down on your wording to be less specific or gruesome.
  • Sexual Activity- you are allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends and whatnot, but any sexual activity is absolutely forbidden! Other than kissing or hugging - anything other than harmless, really - is forbidden.
  • Threads- with this roleplay’s weird format, I wanted to clarify why there are different threads for battles and events and how to use them. This thread is the main thread for school, which means any school roleplay will be here and all the threads are linked here. This is for classes, social stuff, and anything that has to do with school. Battles will be in separate threads because the roleplay will probably be extensive and I don’t want to cause confusion between what battles are open and whatnot. Events, like tournaments or the entrance exam, are huge events. While they may take part in the school, they are so big and important that they must be in a separate thread!

Wattson’s School for the Supernaturally Talented (called Wattson or WST for short) is a high school for superheroes in training. With its huge campus, dorms, and amazing education, students learn how to hone their talent while studying the normal subjects like history, science, and language arts - just in hero form.

Dorms are separated by gender: boys to the left, girls to the right, and have a separate building for staff members. Your dorms come already furnished with a simple bed, a desk, and a small television. There is a separate room for a bathroom and a closet, spacious but not overly roomy. You are allowed to bring your items and possessions from home, but it is not required! Everyone has their own room, so dormmates are not assigned. However, if you would like to have a dormmate please ask and we will get you set up with a willing student! Girls and boys cannot be dormmates though.

Classes take part in multiple rooms. There is the training room, the gym, and separate classrooms for each subject. Every class is taught by a different hero. You will stick with a group of other heroes in training, but you may be moved around. In between each grade there are three separate groups: Class A, Class B, and Class C. While these classes are divided up by how well you did on the entrance exam (Class A being the most prestigious and Class C being the lease) please note that two people in each group will have gotten in by a special recommendation!

There are also other rooms - like the equipment room - where you can train, modify your hero outfit, etc, out of class. Any clubs that are created must be accepted by the principal (private message me a short description and I will put in the link).

Your schedule is as follows:



When you enter, you may roleplay for a little bit and then go to the Entrance Exam thread to be tested. When you first join, please roleplay your entrance exam first before attending any classes. You may interest with the other students, staff, and NPCs.
Sam Love (played by superweirdego)

I am the intrested
Chaeya Spire (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Wonderful! I’m so happy! You may join, so I’ll add you to the list an you can get started roleplaying on this thread and the entrance exam thread (linked in events and battles).

im replying for when I'm interested-

Oh, I'm interested! I may even be able to fit one of my existing characters into this roleplay.
I'm not sure if I will join, or will have time to join, but this seems very interesting.

Can I still join
Can I please join this seems like an interesting roleplay
Rey (played by Diegorey07)

can I join?
Can I join

May I join? This sounds pretty interesting.

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