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I remember doing some cool stuff in MangaMasters. It was a shared drawing canvas platform. There is still a similar thing called drawpile. It provides actually pretty good tools for solo drawing. Anyways, I was very interested in using drawings as a method to roleplay.

Do any of you know or can suggest any similar methods to roleplay with art? I have some friends who can draw reasonably well, so it would be cool to try this out. I did something or sorts myself. Like drawing up a dude and making him fights with some dice rolls and seeing how this character holds up fighting and stuff. I hope you get what I mean. Or like world creation using drawings.

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That was one of my earliest forms of roleplaying, actually! Waaay, way back, when I was just 7 or 8 me and the classmates would gather to draw giant robots on paper and come up with all sorts of powers imaginable to do fights between our mechas, and I dragged this legacy until the very 3rd grade, when I eventually stopped and 'transitioned' to tabletop.

Much later on, back in 2012 or something, there was this group of people that would do something similar: But instead, it was some sort of 4x Strategy inspired RP set in space, much like Warhammer, where the premise were to compose your spaceship fleets in pixel art and throw it at others. I always wanted to go back to those artsy RPs, but its been increasingly harder to find some that I'm comfortable with, for instance, pixel art based.

But that's awesome on your part, do you want to show any of the stuff/stories you've took part in?
I've done something... a bit off to the side of that.

One of my characters is mute and, depending on the version used, is entirely or mostly illiterate. One of the ways I've handled things has been to draw quick little drawings and misspelled notes to present in my post in place of dialog for her. I'd have to figure out some other way to upload them if I were to do it again, I think, due to changes to the site I'd been uploading to, but it was kinda a neat experience.

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