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Alek (played by bytes)

Working for one of those 'every-man' gyms with low costs meant Alek met a lot more people who were actually enthusiastic to better themselves, but that low profit margin for the gym meant that during the summer, there's gonna be fundraising. Which leads to Alek being propped up as one of the faces of the gym at a mall parking lot fair. Told to paste a smile on, pull their hair back, and thank god they remembered to not wear black.

It's not exactly a popsicle stand, sadly, no opportunities for good one liners to use as an escape. A little refreshment cart decked to the nines with sponsorship's for the gym, servings the classic lemonade and bottled drinks, the overpriced ice creams. Anything to pull a few dollars out of people in the sunshine between rides and game booths.

Blonde's raiding inventory to work their way through an ice cream sandwich, chocolate cookie sticking to fingerprints as if leaving evidence behind, the heat baking his back. Shade? The cart's awning is no match for clear skies in the early afternoon.
Creatia (played by Lucretire)

"Uh, M-Miss Lexi, we're gonna... We're g-gonna take a, take a break s-soon, r-right?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, jus' gimme one mo' shot, aight?"

The day was sweltering, and the parking lot fair seemed like a good way to take one's mind off the summer sun. At least, that's how Lexi saw things, anyway. However, as the feisty commander took aim at the farthest target in the shooting booth, Creatia's mind wasn't on the various carnival games she wanted to try. Even if they did look kind of fun, she was more focused on how nice it would be to have something cool and sweet to eat.

"...O-okay then," she said, looking around for the nearest refreshment stand as she clutched at her mini duffel bag in anticipation. Her wandering gaze soon hit upon a small stand with the blonde nearby, chewing away at an ice cream sandwich. Her eyes widened in delight; it wasn't too far from where they were standing, either! Now all she had to do was wait for Lexi to finish her game...

She didn't have to wait to long, because her lover could be heard cursing up a storm a few seconds later. Seems like she missed her last shot by accident. "Stupid piece of cheatin'-" Lexi grumbled as she shoved a hand into her pocket for her wallet, fuming as she took one look at its now empty contents aside from her credit card. "An' that was m' last twenty, goddammit..."

"It's okay, uh, M-miss Lexi," Creatia chirped, placing a hand on the upset female's shoulder to comfort her before pointing at the stand. "Look, we can, we can buy some, some ice cream a-and take our, take our break now too! I-I'll pay, o-okay?"

Lexi's face fell into an unhappy frown upon hearing that last part. "Look, Cre, I know you wanna be nice and *&#@, but you don't have ta-" One tearful pout from the tall female laced with a whimpering, stuttering "P-please?" had the dark skinned phoenix relent with a sigh. "Fine, but hurry it up, okay? We technically shouldn't be here, but I got bored and you got bored, so here we are for a quick summer break." Hopefully we won't get chewed out for this...

Creatia's eyes lit up as she took Lexi's hand and dragged her towards the refreshment cart. The phoenix was the first to notice the gym advertisements placed strategically near the food. Aw, you've gotta be kiddin' me right now, man! Of all the places Cre decided to- Despite realizing it as their way of selling memberships alongside the food, she held her tongue for the sake of the witch's enthusiasm. Besides, Lexi was getting hungry anyway; she wasn't about to let either of them fall for the obvious sell since they were just here for the food.

"E-excuse me!" Creatia called out to the blonde to grab their attention, "Do you, um, s-sell food h-here, m-mister?" He was a mister, right? She was hopeful for a positive answer so they could finally take a break to eat something. But if the stand didn't sell anything, she could at least ask where they got the sandwich from, right?
Tan (played anonymously)

Tan couldn't blame anyone for raiding their own inventory in this heat, even if it looked more mess than it was worth. Watching as the cart was approached, he couldn't help laughing at the pause when they caught sight of how this was an obvious cash grab. Yeah, they don't know how to be subtle anymore, do they? And the irony of it being unhealthy snacks for a gym wasn't lost on him.

Hired by the fair to do some drone filming for marketing, wolf was taking a break from recording sweeping shots of rides and booths, waiting for better lighting, so the lure of sweets had pulled him to down the booths. His senses were a little overwhelmed by it all, but that was nothing new for anything to do with the mall, really. People were usually too much. Tan tried not to hide his discomfort and lingered to await the blonde's answer to the two before he piped up with a quiet request for a lemonade, fingers twitching at his sides as he tried his best not to bolt away, hoping he wasn't being rude. That was a constant fear for him.

"Were you hired as a sponsor for the gym too, or are you proof the place has results?" He finally went with, only blinking twice before ducking his head as he realized that might've come off the wrong way. Ruffling blue hair, he offered an apologetic grin. "Sorry, not tryin'...just. It's a little obvious and a lot hypocritical and-" Biting his lip, eyes flicked to the other two if they were still nearby to hear Tan stumble over his words. Oh dear.
Alek (played by bytes) Topic Starter

'Mister' wasn't something Alek heard often. For one, a little young, and for two...who respected strangers like that anymore? Was this a prank? Regardless, he grinned at the question and nodded, fumbling a little to finish the ice cream and clean off his hands first before he spoke. Ah, jeez. Been dead for hours and of course he'd get caught with his mouth full.

"Ah, sort of? If ice cream counts as food?" There's a vague hint of a slavic accent somewhere in his words, but no hesitation, and Alek grins some more as he realizes that the heat's actually in his favor today - keeping busy makes time go by faster, yes, customers, please. "Is there anything in particular you're craving?" He asked the two women, before getting the lemonade for the blue-haired boy with the big eyes.

"That'll be a dollar fifty." Alek then tilted his head, bangs swishing into eye line before being flicked back with a gesture of his head, squinting at Tan. "That-" Laughter as the other man quickly realized what he sounded like, blonde could only shrug in his loose white tee. Lean, fit, he could see why it'd be a question. "I work at the gym, yes. Dance instructor. And...the irony of this isn't lost on me, but smoothies aren't sellers. Choco Tacos and Drumsticks? The real money makers." He joked along, not bothered by his awkwardness in the least, even if his tone was flat.
Khione (played by LunaLovegood)

Khione ran up to Alek. "I belive this is my shift?"
Creatia (played by Lucretire)

At Alek's remark about the ice cream barely counting as food, Lexi couldn't help but quip with a wry smirk, "If you're hungry enough 'n don' care 'bout that #%@&, then yeah, it counts."

Creatia gave Lexi a quick side eye and a hand squeeze as a reminder to behave before hearing the ice cream seller's question. "Oh, uh... A-A blueberry, blueberry p-popsicle, i-if you, you have it, p-please."

"A soda f'r me," the dark-skinned female said before adding as an aside, "If ya'll had hot dogs, I'd be on board all that, but this works too."

Hopefully, the two didn't catch the blonde too late as they noticed another female approaching, looking like she was about to trade places with them.

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