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Dublin City is a bustling metropolitan and a tourist hotspot. Known all over the world for it's plentiful nightlife, historic architecture and beautiful scenery, the capital of Ireland is a dream holiday destination for most. But, it harbours a dark secret world filled with murder, brutality and crime. The law enforcement agencies around the city manage to keep this secret world under wraps but as time goes on it is becoming ever more clear that the dangerous activities are coming ever closer to affecting the thousands of innocent bystanders that visit the city on a daily basis.
In Dublin City: Crime City, you can play your part in the criminal underworld of one of the most famous places in the world. In this game you can become a mastermind, a thug, an innocent bystander, a businessman/woman or a member of law enforcement and play out the story that the people of Dublin never wanted to be told

I had put a post up about this before, advertising for roleplayers on a different site. However, I had decided to bring it onto this site. I will be playing as Nathaniel O'Riley the third born child of an infamous Dublin criminal and a member of a notorious criminal network. I will begin the RP in a reply to this below, if you want to join in, just jump on board. Looking forward to roleplaying with you :)

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