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Hello all, Winter here.

I do not recall if I have, or have not, posted something similar to this topic before today. So if I have done so, please forgive me. Thanks!

It seems as though my mind loves to create muses, more than finish the muses I've started previously.

I know most of it could be due to the type of environment I'm in, among other variables that contribute to this.

Usually if I make an OC I do not put them up on RPR till they are fully fleshed out. I've just done that for years, even before coming to RPR. However. Lately I will put up half finished OC's, and not really bother with finishing them. Most of my half finished OC's, are mostly for my rp with Tusi-San, and Tusi-San works with my not fully fleshed out OC's.

But I feel disappointed with myself. People used to comment on how well written my OC's can be. And now I'm not even finishing them. Thus OC's that are half finished might very well be overlooked, simply for not having a backstory up.

Some of my OC's don't even make it to my RPR account, I just toss them up onto Discord to use with Krispy-San.

I leave OC's sitting for so long, as it's been suggested at times for me to step back and just take time away from working on them. Trying to be inspired by things that usually trigger thoughts: Music, games, videos, etc. just don't cut it anymore.

The closest I come to thinking up anything lately, would be something for my finished muse Jörmungandr my version of the Norse World Serpent. This is because when papa has taken cousin and I to the river on occasion, and the scenery of the river gets my attention, my Jörmungandr muse will surface in my mind. Yet it's not enough for me to even think up plot suggestions for seeking out rp's for Jörmungandr.

....Maybe I should post a journal entry as Jörmungandr, make it like his point of view on things as he swims and such. -makes a mental note for later about that- I digress...let me resume my original posting.

That seems to be another issue I have, when I create muses. Trying to come up with plot ideas, so people have something to work with and not just being left floundering. But most of the time I just create a muse and put them up, because I don't really bother thinking up potential plots. Heck I don't even think up things for a muse, that people might question things on, due to I never expect to get far in an rp with a muse.

It's just quite infuriating to me how one can struggle so much, and get so little accomplished.

Winters_Fury wrote:
It's just quite infuriating to me how one can struggle so much, and get so little accomplished.


The struggle is real my friend. I recently had a lot of time to go through so many characters and stories that were in various state of incompletion and I managed to wrap up a few of each into completed presentable publishable products, but it seemed I only advanced a few in their state of incompletion, and some characters in my filing cabinet drawer I could not even remember the reason I created them. So I whittled down some of these and merged aspects of them and now have fewer, but still a significant number of incompleted entities. Then I get involved in new stories...

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