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No One Knows Who This Is (played anonymously)

So, I have a few roleplays that I just don't enjoy. Either I got pushed into them, they had aspects I don't like, or they are too short for my tastes. I like to roleplay certain topics but I don't do smut, or erotica. And I like to do multi paragraphs instead of one liners. I feel like I would feel a lot better if I could have the courage to drop those few RPs. I simply don't enjoy them and responding to them feels like a chore I have to do. Any advice?
No One Knows, I used to share this same thought process. I was so concerned with hurting the other person's feelings that I would continue on with an RP that was really not enjoyable. Like you said, it felt like a chore rather than fun. Which led to getting burnt out and losing my interest in the hobby as a whole for awhile.

And just hoping that the other person eventually ghosts is a hit or miss strategy. ;)

If some of them used to be fun... maybe the story just needs a shake-up? These ones are definitely worth some OOC communication to see if there might be some new plot twists that can be added to make it fun again.

But for the ones that have pretty much always been a drag, I think you already know the answer. Pluck up your courage and let your partner(s) down as politely as you can. Short and sweet is fine. Sometimes there will be someone that doesn't take it that well, but I've found these to be few and far between. Most people simply move on to partners they click with better.

You'll feel better as soon as it's done.
No One Knows Who This Is (played anonymously)

Thank you! I even considered making all of my characters anonymous for a while. I wasn't sure I wanted to do this though, because it felt like giving up or hiding. I'll try and face my problems head on. Thanks for the advice :)
I second what Juls said!

It can be pretty intimidating to tell someone you want to end the RP, but after doing so, you'll feel much better about things - especially if things started feel like a chore. And there's nothing wrong with you not clicking with another writer's style or preference. It happens! You just have to find people who you do click with and things will flow a lot better. :)
I agree with MissPixie and Juls, it is very hard to be honest sometimes but it's not anyone's fault. I have had a few RP's myself that were simply not enjoyable and when they were let go it really not only took away the stress of the RP's but freed up the ability to go after what I really wanted. Nothing will happen if you don't take the step to talk about it OOC. Also, remember that when you are not enjoying something odds are you are not at your best, meaning that the RP doesn't get the attention it deserves. This isn't a failing, but it's also not fair for any party involved. I am sure your partners will understand where you are coming from and that it's not personal.

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