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The King Mikel and Queen Liza were the rulers of The Lower Kingdom. They ruled justly and fairly. Servants were listened to and reasoned with. Overall, the servants were happy.
The farmers had it a bit rough for the land did not have much good soil. Not many animals could be kept. They weren’t overly unhappy but they did wished that their kingdom was as good as the Upper Kingdom.
The King and Queen left on a short trip but they never did come back. The servants nor the knights or any of the horses were ever seen. None of the wagons or belongings of the group were ever found.
Nor did anyone that was left behind know where or why The King and Queen left for parts unknown.

It is now 5 years later,

The young Princess Mystique would be 16 in 6 months. The decision was made by the last Royal Advisor to send the Princess to her uncle in the north. He would wait until the last moment to tell The Princess.

Soon Princess Mystique and her servants will be leaving. Not that she was even asked or knew until the day before that she was leaving for her uncle's Kingdom in the north.
It is an overly warm day in a tiny kingdom that is getting smaller and smaller. Even the Castle Staff are leaving. Who could blame them considering that the land is drying up and the river is much smaller than what it used to be?
Will she get there safely? What problems will the small group have? Will her Uncle King and Aunt Queen accept her?

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Hello, I don't know if this is open or not but I'm very interested in it.

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