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Whaddup fair folk of RPR!

Welcome back to another LF thread by this local clown! So, after a bit of relaxing my butt off, I felt like getting back into RPing for a bit and with that I became overwhelmed with the hubris of wanting to fill up my inbox a little bit further. Thus, here we are- lemme show you around and tell you what I'm all about~

» About you & me
As far as my preferences of partner go, I'm really flexible- I don't care how much you write or how you do it; all I ask of you is that you have fun doing it, and communicate with me, preferrably via Discord (I'll hand out my code if you're interested!). Becoming buddies with my writing partners I find incredibly fun & handy, so don't hesitate to bombard me with chatter outside of our game, I'd love to hang out with ya!

Have we already met? That's great also, welcome back! Just remember that Discord is my all-time favorite platform as far as OOC chatter is concerned, but if you're really against it, PMs are a decent alternative too.

» RPing time, suckas!
Alrighty then, here we are! I got a couple of ideas you might be interested in, but don't forget that we can always make stuff up that have nothing to do with any catchy lure-words mentioned in the title or under the Stories á la carte menu. Anything and everything that features our favorite themes can work!

» Stories á la carte
Astro Ramblin' (Sci-fi, action & adventure)

One of the richest tycoons in the universe has commissioned the best mercenaries and adventurers around to retrieve an artifact they can add to their collection. Problem is; this artifact isn't like any other and no one actually knows where it is hidden and how one can access it.

Will our characters, likely strangers at first, be able to form a fuctional team? What will they do when after they actually do snatch the artifact, the entire galaxy is overrun by cursed demons from a forgotten past?

This chaotic tale full of laser-rifle kabooming & troublemaking among the stars is all ours to write!

Dog's Dinner (Fantasy/sci-fi, action, drama)

Sprite and Y/C aren't like the other people. They're Beastbloods: beastly shapeshifters that are considered freaks by men and nature alike, and hunted as such. When they are captured by a slaver, our OCs are thrown into an elite game where all Beastbloods are pitted against each other on an island off any familiar coast.

Will they do their masters' bidding and tear each other to pieces? Or will they withstand the dangers of the island and form a coalition? And what will happen when some Beastbloods want to take the fight to their human oppressors instead?

Only we and our creative hands will ever know!

Magical Hysteria (Urban fantasy, mystery)

Randle, Sprite and Y/C(s) live in a bustling metropolis where the supernatural thrive. Magic is an important aspect of everyone's life.. until one day, it starts to disappear. Randle and Sprite, being the detective duo they are, go out to investigate and meet Y/C(s) along the way to find out what's going on.

Who or what is responsible for draining the magic out of the world? And more importantly, how can it be stopped before the majority of the supernatural community ceases to exist?

Only the story knows- and the story, we have yet to write.

Warrior Cats: Clans of the Wastes (Action, drama)

Many moons ago, the two-legs vanished and left the world in shambles, but among the ruins and rotten fields, wildlife continues to thrive and adapt. Three Clans rule over the Wasteland: the AbyssClan dives among the submerged ruins that the two-legs left behind, the EchoClan wanders among their great abandoned nests to learn all the secrets they hold, and the EmberClan, the toughest of the three, governs the flaming badlands and makes sure nothing from the Outside even comes to threaten the Wasteland.

However, unknown dangers creep in the shadows, taking on the form of threats the Clans have never faced before. There are rumors of giant beasts rolling ashore and taking animals from their home, while in the meantime a rebellion of strays and their enslaved dogs starts to get out of the hand. Will the Clans join forces to protect their home, or will they too succumb to the ever-growing evil that will consume their sacred lands?

Their fate, cruel and wild as it seems, it ours to decide.

Skyrim: Hircine's Bane (Fantasy, adventure, action)

Sprite and Y/C are Children of Hircine; mortals gifted with the terrifying power to transform into a werebeast (wolf or another available option), either acquired through the Companions or a more obscure reason. While they are forced to hide their vicious second identity to the public, their world is turned upside down when all of a sudden, they a receive a vision from Hircine, calling them to a shrine somewhere hidden away in the woods of Falkreath. As it turns out, a cult of werebeasts has grown too proud and threatens to overthrow their patron Daedra.

Will our characters obey their whimsical master and hunt down these blasphemous traitors? Or do they too feel the call for freedom and try to break free from Hircine and the control he has over their beastly temper?

This wild tale is all ours to write- are you brave enough to get to it?

Minecraft: Post-Heroic Crisis (Fantasy, adventure, action)

After slaying the monstrous Ender Dragon, Y/C returns home a legend. They believe all evil has been vanquished from the world, and try to settle down in their player home as they wait for the Dragon's Egg to hatch. However, things turn a bit ugly when they catch a small Enderman (M/C) trying to steal their egg, and even more so when upon catching said egg-thief, they explain that all the Endermen left in The End want the egg back to raise into it the second coming of their mighty protector: the Dragon is destined to protect them against the Wither Uprising.

While they explain their shady motives, reports come in from villages and strongholds alike being attacked by strange, masked Piglins and Wither Skeletons, who all chant about the return of their unholy master, the Wither himself. What will Y/C and their unlikely Enderman friend do? Will the Villagers and Pillagers be able to set aside their hatred for one another and team up against this threat from the Nether?

An unusual story, you might think; but it gets better, because we're the ones who are gonna write it!
» All-you-can-plot
--->> Yes, please!
• Adventure & action
• All things sci-fi & fantasy
• FxF romances, yessir
• World/character building
• Decent amount of chaos

--->> Well, okay!
• MxM romances, sometimes
• Modern, Earth-based settings
• Calmer, slice-of-life plots
• Fandoms (ask me which!)

--->> Nope, never!
• MxF romances, no thanks
• Totally mundane settings
• Smut, godmod & powerplay

» That's it for today
Suppose that's it for now, folks. Don't hesitate to reply to this thread or send me a PM if any of these ideas, themes and whatnot appear to be your cup of tea. If they're not, well, thanks for checking me out anyway & I hope you find someone who's more up your alley in the future!

Regardless, people, have a nice day/night/whatever!
~ GarnaalProductions

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.


Thanks for the private applications so far, people! I added a few Fandom-based plots (Skyrim, Warrior Cats and Minecraft to be exact). and updated the thread and its title alltogether. Don't hestitate to drop by in my inbox if any of the proposed prompts or themes in the All-you-can-plot, I'm happy to meet more of y'all!

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