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I was wonder if there was a way in which to make a prebuilt format fro character building, kinda like how the setup wizard gives you the basics for making your characters, I wish to create different formats for the character creation process as many of my character sare used in styles that have alternating rules, stats, and formats for how a bio should be organized.

I believe having the option of creating your own creation presets/formats would be a wonderful addition to RPR, and make for a bit more convenient use.
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OrderoftheGash Topic Starter

Ouch, hopefully that 2/20 doesn't dissuade you :(

The easiest solution to your problem/answer to your question if you know a bit about coding is: get epic membership and make your own custom templates. Epic is not expensive and pretty much worth it if you want full boss controls over your profile's templates and it lets you do all kinds of stuff. I'm guessing that in that case, the base code would remain similar and only images and such would get switched for style sake.

You can also do what I've done before and make one big text widget box per page, from there on coding your entire shape of your text with BBcode, which allows you to allign, change size of text, underline, add images and youtube videos that one can just click to get taken somewhere (can use this to make buttons) and many more things. That's how I used to do mine and I copied that code from one profile to another, only adjusting the info and not the code.
OrderoftheGash Topic Starter

Thanks for the Advice Syl,

I have not issues with the actual visual templates and things of the such, my main desire was to have a customizable character creation wizard so that i would not have to manually build them for the niche styles some roleplay characters depend upon. RPR is build to cater to many different RP styles. It would be beneficial to allow multiple variants to the creation wizard if not outright allowing the use of making pre built templates for the Wizard.
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Kim Site Admin

We do not currently have this right now, sorry!

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