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So, i got this idea from reading light novels. I think it's a novel concept but, i don't inow how to put it in action. Mainly, a person almost dies from a car accident and goes into a coma. However, half her soul goes to another world and attaches to someone else. Someone who would become the ruler of that world further down the rp. He/she is in like the middle ages or fuedal era china/japan...kinda fantasy setting there. Not sure if he notices her or how...but, when she's asleep in earth, she can witness what he does and maybe can communicate and learn his skills(?)...or he can gleam knowledge from her while he's asleep. Like, their worlds time runs, when its day time here it's night time there. These are just some ideas...but, maybe...during the rp his or her goal was to meet each other in person as well as he wants to protect and strengthen his falling clan/tribe.

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Is she bed ridden? Does losing half her soul affect her negatively. Can she only attach to his soul (can she poltergeist basically).

I think if they meet when both happen to be asleep at the same times. Maybe they cant see each other clearly when the do so in the beginning.
Liara_Amagi Topic Starter

Um...maybe not half...but a bit of her soul attached to him. She'll probably be bed ridden for some of it during the beginning as she is healing. He could see some of yer memories or surroundings during his dreams until, he discovers her presence. Maybe she knows more on tactics and knowledge she can know and maybe it helps him during his work on getting his tribe/clan powerful.
Off the top of my head, and it would probably make for a very dialog-heavy RP, but if coma-homie goes into a coma, perhaps have them stay there, and instead bring the bridging of time/space/souls to the warlord/ruler-person?
Perhaps her hospital room (or wherever she is being taken care of) overlooks a tree that is the only offspring or surviving offspring of a very particular tree important in the other world. And Coolguy Kahn communicates with her by falling asleep beneath this tree?
An easy way to make the person in the coma valuable to the other is by having them have something like a degree history, where they would likely have the kind of knowledge that can be applied to the other world, because even though the history is different, the technology level would be appropriate. Stack the deck a little by making them a SCAdian/Ren-Faire type so that they'd have practical knowledge. You could even really stack the deck by having them being a veteran and thus potentially trained in all sorts things, or get really cray by having been raised in some sort of bug-nuts backwoods survivalist militia before they got old enough and ran away (or were raided by the feds. Lots of potential for going down a rabbit hole).

But that's just a couple of suggestions, take them with a grain of salt.

(Bonus: ComaGirl actually interacts with multiple generations of warlord/leader and gets a reputation as "The Spirit of the Tree")

(p.s.The tree could be the 'portal' that allows them to eventually meet)
Liara_Amagi Topic Starter

So, the tree becomes like the well of bones like in Inuyasha?
Liara_Amagi wrote:
So, the tree becomes like the well of bones like in Inuyasha?

Yyyyyyyesss? I don't know about Inuyasha, so I couldn't tell you
Liara_Amagi Topic Starter

The well of bones allowed Kogame to come from modern japan to the fuedal era.
Liara_Amagi Topic Starter

Any who, would you guys be interested in doing the plot with me? I also have one where the moon goddess comes to earth in the golden age(the one before the dark ages) and due to her sympothy/her sisters jealousy, creates creatures of the night(classic noble vampires, werecreatures like werewolves, werefelines(people who can shift into panthers, cats or leopards)...possibly night/dark elves or demonic creatures. Which after the ritual she uses to save them from her sisters templars, they instinctively see her as their goddess and mother(as she treats her creations as her children.).

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