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Titania Luna (played by Katia)

I was using this profile to help me make a profile for a different character. Went to the Icon page and accidentally hit the upload page when it was blank. Cursed my own stupidity and tried to restore her icon. Quickly realized that...I can't return her icon to what it once was. Part of the picture keeps getting cut out. Ok that's weird, well this icon had been uploaded prior to the new system being established so I'll try the legacy system. Nope, still getting stuff cut off. This is annoying since back in the day, I deliberately created a picture that was under the size limits and now it isn't working right.

So I sigh, open up the picture and resize it to be even smaller. Nope, that still doesn't work and in fact when I upload it to the new uploader, despite the picture being smaller, it doesn't give me the option to zoom it out any farther. Dang it. All I want is my Icon back and wondering why I can't get it to work.

For those wondering, the icon I am trying to use is in it's full size on her profile so you can see what it is being cut off. I just don't understand why I can't get it back to what it once was.
Sanne Moderator

Can you try resizing and cropping it to be exactly 95x95 pixels and see if it uploads properly? If you already tried that, can you share the full size picture for troubleshooting? :)
Kim Site Admin

Where is the actual one you're trying to upload? Can I see that? :)
Titania Luna (played by Katia) Topic Starter

Ok I cropped the picture to be within the 95 x 95 and the new uploader still wanted to cut part of the picture off. However the legacy uploader managed upload the picture correctly.

Thanks for telling me about the 95 x 95 size as I couldn't remember what size it needed. Would have sworn my picture had already been the correct size before all this, but I was clearly wrong.

However you should try to figure out why the new uploader wanted to cut off part of the picture even tho said picture was the correct size.

To help, here is the link to the image am trying to upload.

Then here is the link to the uploader trying to cut off part of the image.
Kim Site Admin

It's because the new uploader aims to crop a 95x95 icon, and the image you were uploading isn't wide enough to provide a width of 95 pixels without zooming in to enlarge the picture. Zooming in necessarily means that the picture gets larger, which means parts of it get lopped off.
Titania Luna (played by Katia) Topic Starter

I see. Thank you for the explanation Kim!

Edit: Do you think you could consider adding some of the information to the uploader in case anyone like me as a similar problem?

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