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Hello everyone!​

My name is Rosewood and as the title suggests I am here to offer you a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure). What I'm offering is a bit different from a standard roleplay so I'll explain the idea a bit.

Rather than write posts back and forth, I will write posts and then present you with a list of choices for how you want to handle the situation your character finds themselves in. Let me give you an example:

Bob walks down the road and finds the road forked in two, one road that led to the right and one that led to the left.
He stopped to consider his options for a moment.

-> Pick the road that leads to the left
-> Pick the road that leads to the right

You pick a choice from the list, copy-paste it back to me and I write out the next post based on your choice and it keeps going like that. Sometimes you'll also get situations like this:

At long last Bob had found his way to a village, his feet were sore from all the walking and his stomach felt like a hollow pit, churning with hunger. But as he approached the village borders he was approached by a man. "Who are you? What is your business here?" the man asked, clutching a farmer's scythe like a weapon. There was a clear tone of hostility and wariness in his voice....

-> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay (your choice how)
-> Tell him you are looking for work (your choice how)
-> Ask him why he's so wary (your choice how)
-> Say something else (your choice what)
-> Do something else (your choice what)
-> Leave (your choice where to go)

In these situations you aren't just picking a choice but also providing details like dialogue and how your characters presents himself and what kind of tone he uses and so on, these are kind of like RP posts but short ones. It'd end up looking something like this:

-> Tell him you are a traveler seeking a place to stay
Bob holds his head as high as he can manage. "I am Bob, I'm just a traveler looking for a place to stay. I don't mean you any ill will," he said in a firm, strong voice that showed he wouldn't stand for being intimidated by some farmer and his sad excuse for a weapon!

Now I understand this isn't for everyone, plenty of people will feel like they lose the chance to write or to exert influence on how the story develops, but I urge you to think of this as a one on one D&D session or a Telltale game. You have plenty of agency and trust me when I say that your choices can have a huge impact on how the story plays out for your character. Your choices can even end up killing your character, requiring you to start over!

While I have some stories for this in mind it is possible to persuade me to go for a different story though you'd need some strong arguments. If you're interested in discussing any of my ideas or an original one of your own then by all means, PM me.

Without further adue, here is the prompt:

The New World​
Setting: A regular medieval society and a fantasy society
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, exploration, combat, drama
Once upon a time there was a simple and plain continent. On this continent ordinary people lived in an ordinary, medieval society. There were wars and conflicts but nothing truly extraordinary ever happened. Then one day, by sheer chance, sailors discovered another continent. From the start they knew this New World was...special. It was much larger than the land they had come from and even while sailing by the shore they saw remarkable things.

Starting with the fact that every climate known to man was present, from desolate deserts to arctic areas and everything in between. All manner of wildlife and plants they had never seen before survived and thrived in this new realm. Expeditions were set up at once and the bare bones of a settlement were soon built on one of the coasts. Your character has been drawn into these explorations. Who are they? And what kind of adventures will they have? That's all up to you!

At the start of this story you have no idea what lies in the New World. I'll give you a few hints of course so you have some idea of what to expect but it'll be a mystery for a while. It will probably take a bunch of sessions before you come into contact with the more interesting elements of the New World. There will be plenty of exciting things to do until then though.

If you've read this far and are considering approaching me, there's a few things to take into consideration. If you can't meet these criteria it's likely we won't be a match though you can still try!

- An interest in the setting and how things work there. I'll be providing as many details of the world as I can and there will be a lot of options to talk to characters and ask them questions. Most characters have a backstory and you can talk to members of other races and ask them about their society. Knowing things is important, some of the things you learn will come up later....

- The ability to post on a regular basis. A single post doesn't get much done so I'd like to see regular posts. I'm not too strict about a daily requirement or anything but I would like to see at least one post a week, ideally (a lot) more. Naturally I'll adhere to this requirement as well. Optional is also that we schedule appointments for back-and-forth PM sessions.

- An interest in realism. The story will be as realistic as I can make it. Any magic in the story is hard magic and follows certain rules. If you know those rules you can use them to your benefit. If you don't know them, though, they can be used against you. Other characters also can and will betray you, do unexpected things, make mistakes, panic or otherwise **** up or **** you over. Cowardly characters may run away, brave characters may charge in recklessly. Your character can die if you make too many mistakes. We can discuss how realistic we want this to be, ranging from hardcore realism where you can trip on a rock and die from hitting your head too hard to me giving you a pass in certain situations. But some amount of realism is a must.

- Attention and commitment to detail. As mentioned in realism this will play itself out realistically which means that sometimes you'll have to spend some time dealing with tedious details. Obviously I won't make you go over what your character wears to bed or what his favorite color is but I do keep track of things like food and water, how much money you have, what kind of items are in your inventory and so on. Keeping an eye out for opportunities like that is important because they can and will come up. If you bring a rope and you end up at a canyon you can lower yourself down by tying it to a rock and sliding down the rope.

Send me a PM and tell me which idea you're interested in!
Magic 70%
Magic is fairly common. Players and NPCs important to the tale may have it. Mistborn.
Technology 30%
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 00%
No romance at all will be included in this plot, period.

Details: Character sheets & strict mechanics, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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