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Hello everyone!

I am currently in search of high to mid fantasy level roleplays. I will be talking about a few plot ideas further down in this post if you want to jump to that right away. For themes, I am ok with Dark Fantasy, Action, Gore, Romance, Action. I do not find ERP/smut enjoyable though, so if that is something you actively look for in stories I can't provide it, I apologize. When it comes to Romance it will be slow burn with fade to black if those scenes come up. I do believe romance it self creates a balance to story quality and will not block that out from options. Generally, I lean towards MxF though if proper discussion and reason happen for MxM / FxF I will do it.

Some other quick rules before I get into the plot stuff.
1. NO POWERPLAY. It's beyond annoying having my character controlled into an action that they either wouldn't have let happen or would have reacted differently at least. It really burns me out of the RP instantly as it becomes very unimmersive from my side of story telling. I will never take control of your character so please respect that vice versa. The only time it's acceptable for a forced action to happen is if discussed in OOC and it's a specific situation. At that point there is communication though.

2. I am big on roleplay reply length and detail. Thus I will prefer it if you write at least 2-3 paragraphs per reply. I understand sometimes the scene is a bit slow and you do not want to make it just filler, but generally speaking, I expect most replies to reach that bare minimum amount. I will always be sure to also respect the reply amount and give an equal amount back to you if it's needed.

3. I am very lax when it comes to replying time even if it comes out a week or so later after the last. That being said, try not to ghost if we are actively writing. I would rather be informed that you are done or need a long period break from the piece so I can focus my attention on other writers as well. If you do end up ghosting me I will put you on my block list and move on as it's immature behavior. Besides that though I am patient, and will always work towards health/life before writing. Be sure to take care of yourself. <3 I will almost always push out replies at least once a day, but usually, if I am super into the plot it can be an endless number until I am tired.

4. COMMUNICATE. If you want to move the plot along, talk about something you feel is wrong, or something bugging you then please just verbalize it. If you sit there just getting more annoyed by something I can tell you right now I will never know unless you tell me. It prevents for blowouts to happen, and can improve the overall experience. I will always speak up from my side of things if I have any issues, or just want to ensure/discuss plot ideas. It creates for the long term writing sessions that I really look forward to.

Now for the part, people actually care about! ;) These are all rough ideas as I don't want to develop them until I am actively talking with another writer. I like it when it's a 50/50 and we have created something we are both equally excited about!

Merchant guild/Caravan
1. I have been getting an itch to do some sort of merchant guild/ traveling caravan group. I think it would be interesting for a small group of our characters even if it starts out with two of them to go through the steps of becoming powerful merchants along with their other occupations. We could create a lot of unique encounters that allowed for conflict build-up while also letting character development happen while traveling. They could also go on several smaller side plots to get unique items and magical items to sell while traveling across the world.

2. Two of our characters have been recruited under a more evil leaning kingdom. We were hired in the mind of spying on the enemy kingdom but it's in sorts a double twist as we are originally from the said enemy kingdom to assassinate the royalty of the evil leaning kingdom. As we go about our plans to assassinate the king, we come to discover that there is significantly more powerful figures that are pulling the strings from behind. Obviously rough around the edges but I wanted to leave this open-ended to also allow the writers that are royalty leaning to let their kingdom be the ones we serve under.

Personalized long term RP, read description
3. I have a personalized plot based around all my characters and a very large enemy deity. I have been working on it for a handful of years now and it's overall well designed with active world building, a customized main hub city, and well-designed enemies that they will face off later into the story. Almost any fantasy style character can fit into it but I don't want to spam the several paragraphs into this already long post. If you are interested feel free to message inquiring.

These are just a few ideas, this does not mean I am hard stuck on these plots only. I just want some options to get the think box moving and get the creative juices flowing!
If you have any sort of interest please message and I will generally be quick to respond unless sleeping or writing another response. :)
Hope to hear from you guys!
Magic 90%
Magic is very common. Magic-tech, grand floating islands, forests that sing, magical creatures may be an every-day occurrence.
Technology 20%
Iron age
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 60%
Romance is expected but not required, and will be accompanied by other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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Hi there! I hope you are doing well!

I was wondering if we could maybe discuss a roleplay together ? I am curious about the last plot point . I would be honored to maybe add a character into a world you have put alot of time into creating.

I tend to be a bit busy at times...sometimes taking up to three days to reply due to other roleplays or busy life. However I like to put much care into my posts! I feel like we could have a fun time adding fantastical and interesting elements into the story line. Writing together always makes a rp fun!

Do pm me if you think we could weave a tale together ^^
This sounds really interesting actually. I would love to do some merchant/trading style stuff. If you would like to bang out some details for that Feel free to PM me.

The personalized is interesting as well. That sounds like a world you have put a lot of work into and I would love to see some of it at work. I'm curious if there are character expectations, or aspects you would be looking for in players, or aspects you'd like to avoid. I would love to learn a little more about your world so I can better craft something that will work well within the setting. I look forward to hearing from you ^_^

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