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I've been thinking about this for a bit, but decided to go ahead and suggest this officially!

I think it would be really awesome if there could be some kudos qualities that people could check off for artists or people that they've commissioned for art/styles/coding. The community has SO MANY great artists...And sometimes my only interaction with a person on RPR was to hire them for a commission and some of the other kudo qualities don't quite fit - especially when you want to let others know that they're an artist you've gone to for something.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Fantastic/Amazing Artist
  • Easy to Commission
  • Highly Recommended
I second this suggestion
Sanne Moderator

This is an interesting thought! Sometimes the checkboxes do feel a bit limited in terms of choices, but I also believe this was on purpose so people have to genuinely consider why they're writing the kudos. The checkboxes/options are meant to help make a kudos more complete -- aka a kudos that otherwise doesn't quite manage to answer the 'Why do you recommend this person?' question can be made to meet our kudos guidelines by having one or two checked boxes. This helps people write better kudos that the community benefits from, and also means we don't have to remove or request edits for quite as many kudos overall. That also means they're entirely optional and not necessary to write a useful and glowing recommendation! :)

It's still encouraged to write a kudos wherein these qualities are addressed even without the checkboxes, so a positive experience could simply also be "This artist drew amazing images for my character, they were easy to commission, and I highly recommend you check them out!" with no checkboxes marked at all.

Is there a particular reason you'd prefer having these as checkboxes over writing them in the kudos textbox? (I might be missing some context!)
MissPixie Topic Starter

Obviously, one could always use the kudos to write out that specifically...and I do, but some people only look at check marked qualities for a quick reference before actually reading the kudos - if they read the kudos at all. Plus not having any check boxes marked makes it feel naked or incomplete in my opinion.

Also, if people are able to check off "easy to commission" and "fantastic artist"...they can use the characters that would be used to say that in the 500 character count limit to write out something else more detailed instead.

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