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So, if you haven't noticed, I suck at writing tantalizing ads for RP. Like, I'm fine with RPing and writing stories and stuff, but I just can't get myself to write a good ad. Does anyone have any suggestions or help that would get me writing those better?
I don't think there's one perfect way to write an ad for a roleplay. The way you write it will most likely depend on what you're trying to advertise for your roleplay.

If you already have a setting and a story in mind, then your best bet would be to set a scene. Describing things like sight sound touch and smell are a good way to help others get a feel for where things are taking place. Other options include starting with the initial events that the roleplay starts at. It could be the aftermath of a battle or a simple conversation between friends. Whatever works best for you. Its also a good idea to include OOC information about the roleplay afterwards like number of players youre looking for, what sort of characters would fit the roleplay best and so on.

If you have less of an idea of how the roleplay will pan out and instead want to let the character actions dictate where things go, then you can skip straight to the OOC info part of things and explain the setting on a more broad scale, letting you set the scene for the world, star system, city, or wherever that things take place.

Overall you'll want to give it the intrigue of "i wonder where this roleplay will go?" Or the enticing feeling of "hey this seems fun!"

Anyway I hope this helps!
RayneIlStorm Topic Starter

It does! Thank you very much for the advice!

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