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Songbird (played by fiesch)

((I know this is a very late post but I want to join the fun))

In the forest along the mountain side changing from greens to vibrant hues of red, yellow, and orange a lonesome goddess would wait with excitement. It was always this time of year the goddess cherished most, the thinnest wall between the world of mortal men and the grove. While she could not leave her grove still it was much easier for those who sought her out on purpose or by accident to find her. For without even trying to find it the path would show trailing winding and deep into the thick woods and would lead them true to her without temptations to lead them astray. No dangers to harass them, no exhaustion to overtake them. The closer to the grove the trees would change from autumn colors back to green of spring and summer. As if the time was slowly ceasing to move forward the closer they got to the center of this place.

It was in the center of these woods in a clearing with a well and ancient arch of marble some old remnant of a building long crumbled to dust and memories that she would be found. Sitting upon a marble bench surrounded by ferns that seemed to grow no matter the time of year. Delicate hands kept busy weaving cut ferns in her lap into beautiful crowns that carried with them a blessing. She made heroes of those who came to her and traded a story to the lonely goddess. Though she understood not all mortals cared for fame and glory, nor needed a heroic blessing for a quest. Some people simply found her without meaning to. So she kept a basket of various sweets by her side for those aimless wanderers. All visitors needed to do was give her a story of something from their life, be it glory in war to how they met their sweetheart and away they could leave with either crown or candy.
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro walked through the forest,almost on a daze as she looked across the wide, breathtaking expanse of trees and leaves and branches, every little bit glowing with life and beauty and... And... Something else, too. There was...
A strange feeling. The leaves we're not only lit up with sunlight, they were filled with a strange energy. The moonlike glow of the trees' branches was not only from shared wealth of the sunny day, but also from another force, it seemed. And the chirping calls of the birds, the light on their wings, beaks, and feet, seemed to come almost from somewhere else. The whole place felt as though it was trapped in a bubble, smooth as ice and warm as a fresh fruit, yet it was so... Free.
Ashuro continued walking, her steps almost hesitating as she came toward the center of the grove. How beautiful, she thought, before she quite knew what she was thinking it about. Then she saw it- a woman, a beautiful one, sitting in the middle of this glade and weaving with slender fingers, wreaths of plants. Her heart sang; she felt as though she had been longing to see this sight, and it was painted into her memory like a fine oil piece.
"Excuse me," she said softly, walking closer. "What is this place? Madam. Who are you?" She almost fell to her knees, but restrained herself.
Songbird (played by fiesch) Topic Starter

((so sorry for the late reply I was not home))

Songbird knew the coming of the young woman long before she could be seen. It came whispering to her through the trees, sung to her by the birds, all the little sounds of the forest bringing her news of her visitor. She waited with a small flutter in her heart, though she would not let it show. Her eyes focused on the weaving in her lap till the voice broke through the sounds of the forest. A small warm smile appeared on the fair woman's full lips as she looked up setting her latest crown of ferns lightly in her lap. All around her lay these crowns as if forgotten. Her pale blue eyes not icy as one would think but kind and behind the kindness an ancient wisdom. "This place?" The voice that came from the woman was just as warm as her smile. "I suppose there is not truly a name for where you stand sweet child of man" Her head would tip lightly to the side as she spoke, the crystals adorning her antlers chiming softly with the movement. "As for me I am a woman of many names. Some know me as the Fair Lady of the Forest, to others I am The Weaver, a fair few I am the Maiden of the Stars. Most commonly I am Songbird as my watchers those of the feather who sing. Now what is it that brings you here? Are you warrior come to seek me out for the blessing of a hero?"
Ashuro (played anonymously)

Ashuro gulped at the beautiful sensation of standing here, and the bold words of the question asked of her.....
"Well, ma-ma'am, I'm not sure I'd call myself a warrior. Or at least, not a hero. And then, ford it count? I mean, I've fought, but..... I don't know.... if glory is something for me. Basically. Your majesty?"
She twisted her hands together nervously. She had an urge to tell the woman things, though.
Songbird (played by fiesch) Topic Starter

A soft chuckle escaped the goddess as the human before her rambled on. "Come, sit." With a smooth gesture she would raise one hand from her lap and flick her fingers up as a nearby bush would spring up and weave itself into a sturdy bench. "I am no majesty so do not be so distressed my dear. Come tell me those thoughts pressing in your heart, I will listen. You are a welcome respite from the usual sort who arrive here. Ah also I have treats. You humans still enjoy sweets yes? Sometimes it can be many years before I welcome someone in my lands." Another hand would gesture over to the basket by her. It contained little wrapped candies that seemed to be mainly sugared and died fruits or candied violets.
Ashuro (played anonymously)

The girl walked forward, and sat in the green, leafy chair. It bowed comfortably under her weight, but held.
"Madam, there are so many things in this world which confuse me. I feel..... Lost. It is not as though I don't belong, but I simply feel as though I can't find my place here. I've been to a few places, and they haven't seemed quite right for me. I mean I guess they were important in some way, but when will I ever find the place where I can be the best part of myself?"
She slowly nibbled a sugared violet, letting out a huff of air at the weight off her chest.

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