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Ok so first off, I Am very new here and although I have rp in the past it will take a bit before I navigate this all the way, please be patient. Thanks! Ok so this will be a college sized school with dorms. You can be anything from a puddle of mud to a vampire-dragon-mouse. After navigating this site better, for now I will just respond to your character with a yes, great, or approved. I can't wait to meet u guys! School will start in fall and the village around the school will be holding there annual fall flutter fest. You will be welcome to explore the festival,anything from rocks to heat crystals to dragon eggs to potions, for 5 days before study's take over. Study's will be poisons, potions, flying, shifting,... Anything needed for your critter.

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This sounds interesting! I would love to join if that's okay with you. Welcome btw!
Fell Reds (played by Fell-san)

I'm interested and he'll be a shape shifter
This is an interesting idea, I have 2 character proposals
1. Dark, a human character unfortunate enough to be able to see thing they normally shouldn't, with a demon buddy
2. Drans, who is a creature that has lived for who knows how long and has large amounts of magical power often sparring to help others become stronger
hope these are fine!
I am interested! I think Athena would be a good fit!
Hey is this still open? I would love to play.

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