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I have been RPing for a long time now and I can write between 300 and 1000 words or more; depending on muse, plot, and my partner's response. {So please be advanced or at least be able to write no less than 300 words} I do prefer writing in the third person. This is MxM, so MalexMale.

Sub needed~

Our characters are top assassins, they are feared by everyone and they deeply respect each other. For many years now they've danced around each other, their feelings expressed through their taunting of each other. However, not once have they actually admitted or acted on their feelings. But now a common enemy has attacked both of them multiple times; during one of these attacks, my guy vanished. Now a year later your guy has tracked down mine. Upon finding my guy, yours finds out that my guy now lives life as a Highschool teacher. Why? How will he react to the answers he receives?

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Hi, I am interested in doing this with you.

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