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Forums » RP Discussion » how do y'all feel about game mechanics in RP's?

I dont mean like tabletop games, I mean more regular rp's where you might add in some specific mechanics to help streamline them, to help make characters, etc. Like I have character creation systems, magic development systems, etc. that I've kinda been wanting to work into some rp's, but it feels like a weird idea cause I dont see other people doing that sort of thing. I did post an LFRP for that momentarily ago, if you wanted to maybe look more at what I'm talking about. but anyways, I just kinda wanted to see, how do people feel about that idea?

I'm unsure about trying to work it in cause I feel like it may discourage potential partners, but I feel that alot of the systems could help speed up time, skip over boring parts of the rp, streamline character creation, etc. Basically all in the interest of getting to the good stuff faster and more frequently, since I find that I often have rp's that get stuck on some scene that just never seems to end cause there's a million mundane things to do.

I also think in some cases it may make it easier to introduce metaphysics or setting concepts to people who arent familiar with your setting, since you can use stat mechanics or crafting mechanics or whatever to help guide them through some of the concepts.
I think having mechanics like those in a roleplay can help benefit it if they're implemented well. The system of magic mechanics can be pretty finicky to manage at times(I'm working on a world as well with its own system of magic and such) but if balanced well it can improve the experience. Other things you mentioned can also just help skip over mundane tasks and whatnot and keep the rp at the interesting and most exciting moments as much as possible. Of course having mechanics can be a bit of a discouragement for some people who really enjoy freeform soft mechanics rather than more grounded rules/guidelines. Honestly it depends on the people who are interested.

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