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Hello! This is a little different in the sense it's not exactly a full-on roleplay, but my character is up for hire! Mark is a mailman that can (somehow) deliver things to just about anyone, anywhere—and I do mean anywhere; he's an inter-dimensional mailman!

How this works:

Ask Mark to deliver an object/letter from your character to your friend's via PM or his guestbook under Extra Services. He will then deliver the item IC with the subject "Delivery for [friend's character]". Basically, a sort of mini-rp and just fun interactions all around. All your character needs is a stamp (you can even draw one yourself if you like, even if it's an MSPaint scribble!) and a name. You can deliver as yourself too! Your character can tip him, but he's going to be incredibly awkward about it.

If a bigger idea comes from it, or your character wants to get to know him more, all the more welcome!

If you're not sure how your character found out about Mark, generally I imagine fine print in a yellow book or newspaper. If a fantasy setting, perhaps through rumors or a stray note?


- No sending hate mail through Mark! It's one thing to have a villainous character deliver something IC to a heroic one, but another to send discriminatory and hateful content to a player.
- No download or shrunken links; I'll allow youtube, imgur, tumblr, deviantart, etc., but please don't attempt to send malicious content! (Note: Rickrolls, unfortunately, do not count as malicious content.) If an image, I prefer embeds whenever possible.
- Mark will explain anyway if asked to do something he can't, but I suggest checking out his "Things the mailman cannot do" under "The Mailman's Job". Not sure if this counts as meta-gaming though.
- Any play style is welcome, whether paragraph or asterisks. I usually do paragraph, but I'll try to mirror as much as I can.
- No godmodding, please! Mark is a busy man! This applies to all characters involved; I am not having Mark kill off a character that doesn't belong to me.
- Please go easy on me; as I have mentioned, I am baby. I haven't done any rp on here before!

Please read his OOC Notes on his page for more info!

P.S. I originally created him so he could deliver messages between my friends' characters despite them being from different worlds (or even between authors and their characters), so I figured this would be a fun concept to bring here. I hope you guys like it and if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene.

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