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((Welcome, this roleplay will run from 1 December until 31 December 2020. It is hop in/hop out friendly. You do not need to ask to join before you join, but reading this thread will be helpful: . This event is brought to you by the group Etymology, but it's open to the public and anyone can join.))

Pretty ribbons and bows decorate the gates that are opened wide. Balloons are tied around every pole that can be found at the park. The music is playing, the sun is shining. It is August and people are happy. The CSY-crew, Clarey's group of skating youths is walking around in the park as they check the last things to make sure everything is perfect. Soon, people will arrive and they hope that they'll manage to make it an amazing day for everyone.

A few of them are skating in the bowl or on the ramps, practicing their tricks one last time for the show that will take place at midnight. Others are making their way behind the bar, ready to serve drinks. The food truck opens it's doors as well, making sure that it can take orders once people start to get hungry.

On the grass near the concrete of the skate park, there's a bouncing castle as well as a playground with sand and a tattoo booth. As the event is family friendly, there's only temporary tattoos available on this day. People can choose between airbrushed tattoos and henna. Lots of designs are available and they're cheap. Another booth is set up with merch of the skate crew as well as unrelated accessories. There's bracelets, hats, sunglasses and t-shirts with skating related images on them.

Near the gates, two crew members are passing out flyers that have all there is to see on them. Aside from passing out these flyers, they greet every guest with a wide smile and wish them a warm welcome. Behind them, another pair of crew members awaits to offer everyone a cool drink. People have the choice between soda, water or alcohol free cocktails.
Grace Gibson (played by SylOfficial) Topic Starter

As with most community events, Grace was one of the first that arrived at the event's location with a wide smile plastered on her face. Her enthusiasm was clear and she beamed and waved at everyone she saw standing by the entrance. She greeted two of the crew members as she accepted a flyer and made her way over to the tray with the drinks, grabbing an alcohol free cocktail for herself and turning back towards the entrance, where her older brother was accepting a flyer too.

Jack soon made his way towards her and followed her lead, taking a cocktail glass of his own. Even though he was more quiet than her, it was clear that he too was excited about this event.

"Are you expecting a big turn out?" She asked Evelyn, the blonde that was holding the tray they'd taken their drinks from. Evelyn shrugged in response and laughed sheepishly.

"I'm honestly not sure how many people we're expecting, but as always we made sure to have enough stock to accommodate all of Clarey and beyond." She admitted, to which Grace nodded.

"Well I hope it draws many people, CSY's events are always great and I can't wait to see you all perform later tonight." She said, the nail of her index finger landing on the part that stated the skate show would begin at midnight.

The first activity would be free skating lessons though, and she looked at the bowl and the ramps in curiosity while she debated whether or not she'd try.

"I guess I'll see you later!" She said to Evelyn, giving her a half embrace and making sure to watch out for the tray before she made her way further into the park, soaking up the pleasant and happy vibes with Jack in tow.
Jack Gibson (played by SylOfficial) Topic Starter

He was quite used to following his younger sister around whenever he visited the college town she studied in. This time was no different, and while she took the lead and walked through the skate park he walked a few steps behind her, his head turning every now and then to scan their environment. Aside from the bouncing castle, he could see the merch booths she was heading to and he went with her, not having seen the person he'd wanted to see yet.

"That hoodie is nice, it would look good on you. So would the shirt." He agreed as she pointed out the things she liked. A smile spread on his face while Grace rambled on about the patches she saw as well as the keychains and the necklaces. His own attention went towards the booth right next to it, which sold skating equipment such as boards, wheels, bearings, inline skates and safety gear. It was no wonder that Grace's initial attention was on clothes as she happened to be into fashion, but he hoped that her attention would soon turn to the other booth as well.

His own fingertips ran over a few sets of longboard wheels in a toxic, neon green and excitement ran through him. He hadn't skateboarded in years, but that didn't mean he wasn't any good at it. Sadly enough, he felt that he wasn't at any level that could possibly justify buying the boards of the booth he liked the most, but maybe he could buy a basic one or at least skate again at the beginner skating class that would be part of the event? His blue eyes lit up like those of a kid in the candy store.

"Have you considered joining the beginner class, sis?" He asked Grace, a small hint of a smirk tugging on the corners of his lips. Deep down he was hopeful about her saying yes, as he really wanted to join the class. It was unlikely that he'd join if she wouldn't though, unless of course someone else would offer for him to skate together.

"I'm not sure. I might? I fear that I'll look absolutely ridiculous though." She replied, which caused for him to chuckle and pat her on the head.

"Come on, we can join together. It could be fun." he opted.
Grace Gibson (played by SylOfficial) Topic Starter

"Mmm, maybe you're right." Grace mused and as she slowly got used to the idea of the two of them giving it a shot together, her smile widened. "Sure, why not. We're here after all, we might as well join all of the activities." She then claimed, having settled on a yes to his question.

As Jack's attention lingered on the other booth, Grace picked up the things she wanted from the first and gave them to the crew member that was running the booth.

"I'd like to buy these, please." She asked, having picked up a shirt with the crew's logo as well as a sweater that said "Rolling away from your bullshit". Aside from that, she'd chosen a cute keychain with silver colored inline skate as well as a cute patch that wasn't immediately related to skating but had a cat on it.

The crew member widened her eyes lightly as it was the first sale of the day and immediately a big one, but nodded and put the items in a bag before handing the bag to Grace.

"That'd be 67,50" She said to her, and Grace took her card from her wallet before placing it in the machine and inserting her code. A beep and a green smiley on the machine settled the payment, after which Grace beamed and nearly had to stop herself from twirling around in excitement.

Taking a few steps closer to Jack, she stood on her toes to rest her chin on his shoulder before tilting her head.

"What do you have your eye on, big bro?" She asked, giving him a teasing squeeze in his side as she knew it'd tickle him.
Jack Gibson (played by SylOfficial) Topic Starter

Jack had gotten lost in thought, having barely noticed how his sister's chin came to rest on his shoulder. He only snapped out of it and had his attention returning to her when she squeezed his side. Still, it took him a few seconds to recollect and process her question while he tried to drag his gaze away from a board with a neon green design on the bottom of it's deck. The design was somewhat of a tribal, it's color matching the wheels he'd had his eyes on previously perfectly.

"That board... These wheels..." He started to tell her, gesturing towards the items he meant to make sure she looked at the right ones. Before he proceeded to speak again, he shook his head and turned away from them. Instead, he took a few steps to the side and focused on the cheap and basic skateboards. Those would be just fine to start out with, wouldn't they?

His sister's hand moved from his side to his arm, where it found his sleeve to give it a gentle tug.

"You can do something nice for yourself. After all these years, you've earned it and I know you can afford it. Don't you worry about me. My tuition is covered and I have a weekend job now, I'll be just fine." She claimed, her tone reassuring.

While he knew it was meant to make him feel better, he didn't feel good about it just yet. In the past years, he'd been very careful with his money to make sure he could offer his sister the future she deserved. Old habits died hard, and every dollar he chose to spend was turned twice and reconsidered.

"I'm not sure Grace. Yes, I can afford it but I probably shouldn't. What if something comes up? What if your friends decide to go on a trip after graduation? I want you to be able to go with them." He answered, his brows furrowing a bit as worry was painted on his face.

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