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Hi gang! So some of you know me, most don't but I go by Augustus/Tar Pit/Aurora Atelier!

I have a devart/twitter/FA etc but I don't upload to those as much as I probably should. I'm in the market of pixel art and general digital art and- over time- I tend to make doodles and doodads that I don't sell/don't see a reason to mass upload really so I figure I can drop these things here for anyone to use on their page to decorate a characters rpr etc. As long as no one is claiming to have made the art/trying to sell it as their own I say go wild and use whatever you please (just make sure you credit somewhere on your profile.. like your footnotes or something idk)

9Gltsxg.png uOrBtNk.png 5bIAWkS.png

Oh this is great! You're so kind! <3

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