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I imagine that at least most of us usually don't have many items sitting in our inventory, but sometimes some of us end up sitting on some items for awhile, and I'm sure even more of us often get crowded inventories during Epic Week. While the ability to search our inventories is definitely great, I think it'd be nice to have a collapsed or list view of items in our inventories (and hey, maybe group inventories too?). I'm thinking just a straight up list of items, either without images or with just small icons; listing each item, but maybe stacking items and giving a count of the total (I think I favor 1 item per line, though), and maybe filling some of the remaining horizontal space with relevant info like how many uses a multi-use item has left.

I don't want this as a replacement for the way items are presently displayed, just as an optional view that can be switched to.

If this is already a thing and I just didn't look around enough, I apologize. ^^;
I agree that this would be a really helpful addition. Personally I quite like the idea of having items stack, so for example, it could say "Party Hat of Healing (10)" or "Enchanted Silk Cloak (2)", etc, instead of listing each item of the same type separately.

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