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Was wondering if there is ever the possibility to make guestbook/journal comments need approval from the player of character they’re being left on before they were posted?

Have seen a few cases of players using them to leave OOC comments when I use them for IC interactions.
Comments I’d rather have as a PM, personally, as they might get lost in my busy dashboard and don’t feel like a public call out need to reply... 😅

I know one can delete them (which could be made easier but that’s not the topic of this lol), but it’s more of being able to moderate what’s put on your character’s pages, including gifs.

Not sure if anyone else has ideas or feelings regarding this, but throwing it out there either way.
I second this idea! I could see a use for having a setting that could select an 'approval' option for guestbook/journal entries.
I would like to see something like this implemented!
I’d like to see this as well. I’ve had someone who didn’t know me or my character comment IC on one of my character’s guestbook and though I didn’t delete it at first, I did later on. I would have liked the option to approve if I wanted it or not.

I’ve also seen people leave negative comments and misuse this option on other people’s character profiles. It would be nice to see the comment first and be able to approve if we want to have it appear in the first place.

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